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ASMR Most Loved Triggers ♥


Hiya! I asked Twitter what their favorite triggers were! These were the results, enjoy :) Face touching, hand movements, haircut, ...

ASMR Most Hated Triggers with B*tchy Brittney


After many requests to bring Brittney back, I convinced her to do an ASMR video for you guys! She would only do hated triggers ...

ASMR Relaxing Close-Up Face Touching ♥


Hello hoomans! Today's video is a simple but highly requested face touching! Super personal and close up video.

ASMR 1950's Drive In Movie Theater Date Roleplay


Hello! Welcome to the passion pit. You were kind enough to bring me to the movies. Let's sit back and watch Rear Window, ...

ASMR Tiny Trigger Test (Lo-fi, Mini Microphones)


MINI MICROPHONES! THEY'RE TOO CUTE! Hi all! Lo-fi ASMR video today. The sound quality might not be amazing, but the ...

ASMR Personal Attention To Help You Sleep


and its all about you girl... on your 16th birthday. Hello beautiful! Today's video is all about you! Personal attention with pampering, ...

ASMR 100 Triggers To Help You Sleep ♥ (4 HOURS)


YAAAASS. 1000000 DARLINGS ! I am so thankful for every single one of you. My life would not be where it is if it weren't for you ...

ASMR Painting Your Face ♥


Hello hello! After MANY requests for this video, here it is! PAINTING YO BEAUTIFUL FACE. (and yes my tools are so MAGICAL ...

ASMR Dreamy Scalp Massage


Thank you Best Fiends for sponsoring this video! Download Best Fiends for FREE:  ...

ASMR 20 Triggers To Help You Sleep ♥


Hello Darlings ! 10 Triggers was such a popular video I had to make 20 Triggers for you to sleep! Enjoy! ♥ 1. WhisperingTapping ...

ASMR A-Z Triggers to Help You Sleep ♥ (2 HOURS)


HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! It's been a year since I've posed my first video!! Here's 26 triggers to help you fall asleep.

ASMR Microphone Brushing with Different Brushes


Hello!!! Simple video today :) Microphone brushing! Using different types of brushes... powder brush, makeup brush, paint brush, ...

ASMR Trigger Test


Hello beautiful people! Today's video is a spring themed microphone test! I FINALLY got new mics, as the Blue Yeti was past its ...

ASMR Sketching You ✏️


You're so beautiful, we have to show the world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~SOCIALS~ Snapchat ...

ASMR Lushful Spa Treatment ✨ Facial and Massage


Hello beautiful people! Sit back and enjoy the ultimate spa treatment. Relax with face washing, facial mask application and ...

ASMR Whispered Fortnite Gameplay ♥


Hello! Tonight I try to be as relaxing as possible while playing Fortnite. Enjoy :) My Twitch: Who ...

ASMR Drawing Features On Your Face - The Face Clinic Roleplay


Hello all! Trying something a little different. The Face Clinic is the plastic surgery of the future! No surgery required, 3D technology ...

ASMR White Triggers ☁️ Tapping and Scratching ☁️


Hello all! Welcome to another addition to the color series! I think the 'color tapping' series is turning into the 'color trigger' series, ...

ASMR Prom Makeup and Dresses ♥


Hello! Prom is around the corner, and we have to prep you! Sit back, relax, enjoy. Thank you for letting me relive some old ...

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