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ASMR Purple Triggers 💜 Tapping and Scratching


Hello beautiful darlings ! Long requested PURPLE triggers! Sit back, relax, enjoy. Gentlewhispering's video: ...

ASMR Relaxing Haircut ♥ Shampoo & Condition, Scalp Massage, Tingles


Hello my Darlings ! Today's video is a simple haircut video. You were due for a trim :) On a side note, the audio for this video is not ...

ASMR 100 Triggers To Help You Sleep ♥ (4 HOURS)


YAAAASS. 1000000 DARLINGS ! I am so thankful for every single one of you. My life would not be where it is if it weren't for you ...

ASMR 20 Triggers To Help You Sleep ♥


Hello Darlings ! 10 Triggers was such a popular video I had to make 20 Triggers for you to sleep! Enjoy! ♥ 1. WhisperingTapping ...

ASMR Most Loved Triggers ♥


Hiya! I asked Twitter what their favorite triggers were! These were the results, enjoy :) Face touching, hand movements, haircut, ...

ASMR Personal Attention To Help You Sleep


and its all about you girl... on your 16th birthday. Hello beautiful! Today's video is all about you! Personal attention with pampering, ...

ASMR Trigger Test


Hello beautiful people! Today's video is a spring themed microphone test! I FINALLY got new mics, as the Blue Yeti was past its ...

ASMR Magnetic Zen Garden


Hiya! Today's video is something a little different. A magnetic sand zen garden!! I found it on Amazon and thought it was so cool.

ASMR Relaxing Head Massage ♥ Face and Scalp Massage


Hello Darlings ! Enjoy your head massage. Massage includes scalp, face, shoulders, and neck! Relax and happy drifting :) Used ...

ASMR 10 Triggers to Help You Sleep ♥


1:20 Brushing the mic 4:22 Tapping plastic container 6:49 Whispering abouttapping vase 10:17 Tappingflipping through book ...

ASMR Painting Your Face ♥


Hello hello! After MANY requests for this video, here it is! PAINTING YO BEAUTIFUL FACE. (and yes my tools are so MAGICAL ...

ASMR Whispered Tapping and Scratching


Enjoy some varied tapping sounds with a little bit of scratches in there ...

ASMR Whispered Fashion Haul ♥

22:28 Homepage : Mini Skirt : Tapestry : Crop ...

ASMR A-Z Triggers to Help You Sleep ♥ (2 HOURS)


HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! It's been a year since I've posed my first video!! Here's 26 triggers to help you fall asleep.

ASMR Most Hated Triggers with B*tchy Brittney


After many requests to bring Brittney back, I convinced her to do an ASMR video for you guys! She would only do hated triggers ...

ASMR Choose Your Dream - The Cloud


Welcome to the Cloud, where you can choose your dreams for a good nights rest. Special thank you to all the wonderful ...

ASMR Sephora Haul ♥


Hiya :) Simple video today! I went to Sephora for an eyebrow brush and it turned into a little shopping spree. Enjoy ♥ Products: ...

Reacting To People Reacting To My ASMR Videos


Hello darlings ! Today I react to people reacting to my ASMR videos! WOOHOO MOTHA FRICKER. Here are the featured videos ...