Nightwish - Storytime (Austin, TX 10-10-12)

Nightwish - Storytime (Austin, TX 10-10-12)


Drove to Austin from Dallas just to see Kamelot and Nightwish .

Nightwish - Storytime (Austin TX 10-10-12)


Nightwish live at Emo's in Austin , TX . Amazing show!

Nightwish - Ghost Love Score (Austin, TX 10-10-12)


14th song of their set. Her first try at this song. She did superb. Nice bonus.

Nightwish - Everdream (Austin, TX 10-10-12)


5th song of their set. Finally got to hear her sing live. What a voice she has. Told her in the meet and greet what an honor it was for ...

Nightwish - Amaranth (Austin, TX 10-10-12)


4th song of their set.

NIGHTWISH - Storytime (in Seattle) First show with Floor Jansen


This is the very first song of the show in Seattle, first show with Floor Jansen after Annette Olzon left Nightwish in the middle of ...

Nightwish - Last Ride of the Day (Austin, TX 10-10-12)


Finale. Great show. 2 tremendous bands with new singers that fit perfectly.

Nightwish - Ghost Love Score - Fort Lauderdale 2012


Nightwish and Floor Jansen perform at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale on October 13, 2012.

Planet Hell - Nightwish with Floor Jansen, Anaheim CA, (USA) October 5 2012


Magnifica interpretación de Planet Hell - Nightwish con Floor Jansen, Anaheim CA, (USA) October 5 2012.

Nightwish performing Ghost Love Score with Floor Jansen 10.13.12


As a side note, I'm in love with Floor, hence all of the zooming in on her :')

Nightwish - Slow Love Slow (Austin TX 10-10-12)


Nightwish live at Emo's in Austin , TX . Amazing show!

Nightwish - Planet Hell (Austin, TX 10-10-12)


11th song of their set. Skipped recording 3 of the songs with Troy. Took pics during those songs.