The Diary of Anne Frank BBC 1987

The Diary Of Anne Frank 2009 Edition


The Diary of Anne Frank , Uploaded on her birthday.

Anne Frank (The Whole Story)


A German-Jewish teen hides with her family and others in the attic of an Amsterdam office building during the Holocaust.

The Dairy Of Anne Frank (1959)


In Nazi-occupied Holland in World War II, shopkeeper Kraler hides two Jewish families in his attic. Young Anne Frank (Millie ...

Otto Frank talks about Annes diary


This is one of the few television interviews Otto Frank gave. Sitting in one of the rooms of the Secret Annex, he is talking about his ...

Who Betrayed Anne Frank


Historical television documentary investigating who betrayed a teenage Jewish girl in hiding in the Netherlands, Anne Frank , who ...

The Diary of Anne Frank


The Diary of Anne Frank 1980 movie starring Melissa Gilbert and Doris Roberts.

BBC Anne Frank: A life in Hiding


Anne Frank is one of the most famous authors and diarists the world has ever seen. This film for the BBC's children's news ...

The Diary of Anne Frank (Definitive Edition)


In Amsterdam, in the summer of 1942, the Nazis forced teenager Anne Frank and her family into hiding. For over two years, they ...

Nyman: The Diary of Anne Frank - Arr. Harle - If


Music video by Jess Gillam performing Nyman: The Diary of Anne Frank - Arr. Harle - If. © 2018 Decca Music Group Limited ...

anne frank part 3


for my new friend Johanna.

The Diary of Anne Frank BBC miniseries - DVD


The heart-wrenching miniseries, based on true events as described in Anne Frank's now famous diary . Anne Frank died in a Nazi ...

Miep Gies Interview


In this 1988 interview, Harry Smith spoke with Miep Gies and Mary Steenburgen on the film The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank  ...

National Geographic - Final Days Of Anne Frank


Anne Frank's world-famous diary comes to an abrupt end several days before she and her companions in the Secret Annex were ...