Courtesans - Mesmerise


Mesmerise is the first single from the forthcoming E.P. 'Better Safe Than Sober' to be released 31st of March 2017 PR contact ...

10 High-Class Courtesans Who Played Their Clients Like Fiddles


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The Courtesan Mindset: Positioning - Setting Yourself Up for Success


Hello wealthy wives & friends! As we continue to study & incorporate the skill set of the most successful courtesans , wealthy ...

Manjari Chaturvedi dispels myths about India’s courtesans


Manjari Chaturvedi discusses courtesans or tawaifs, during the Mughal era, their lives, their relationships with great poets like ...

The Courtesans GENIUS -


Download Genius on itunes Genius the Single released 25th ...

The Power Of Love


The Courtesans - The Power of Love Video filmed and edited by us (The Courtesans ) This video does not show any girls urinating ...

What was it like to be a Courtesan in the Royal Palace?


Talking about Courtesans and Mistresses of Versailles palace!

Infamous & Irresistible Women - The Elite Courtesan Mindset


Some of the most unforgettable women past & present understoodunderstand the art of femininity on a level few women past ...

History's Most Famous Courtesans


Meet the original bad girls of scandal. Learn all about the great mistresses and courtesans in history. learn more about our tours ...

The Courtesans - Indigo


Indigo A song about love, a song about hate and the lack of understanding that exists in many parts of the world. The things we ...

Courtesan Mindset Masterclass: Become Pleasantly Unforgettable


She's baaack! The Courtesan Mindset Masterclass 6 weeks teleseminar series. It's time to step up, live, & love on your terms by ...

💋 Catherine Bootlegger Brothel Location Courtesans Sex Scene in Witcher 3


Buy it Catherine Bootlegger A brothel with interesting name and rather bad reputation, located near the ...

Secrets of the Dead: Voyage of the Courtesans


The story of Australia's "Founding Mothers." In 1789, more than 200 female thieves, prostitutes and con-artists from London ...

Love For Sale - Courtesan or Prostitute? (Full Documentary)


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Old pictures of Japanese courtesans


I collected a bunch of old pictures while I was making "can you distinguish" series.

Get to Know the Courtesan Veronica Franco with Dondi Dahlin


The courtesans of Venice were the most cultured and educated women in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. In 1608 there were as ...

What exactly is a courtesan? How does it differ from today's understand of a sex worker?


What exactly is a courtesan ? How do they differ from today's understanding of escort or sex worker? Professor Lear explains it all ...