the small one

The Small One - Merchant's Song Clink Clink Clank Clank ORIGINAL


Τḥẹ ΟɌΙԌΙΝΑⱢ ΝΟΝ-ΡС ЅЈⱲ-ΤɌΙԌԌΕɌΙΝԌ νẹrᵴἰοṇ οḟ ṯḥẹ ƉΙЅΝΕΥ ЅΗΟɌΤ, ЅΜΑⱢⱢ ΟΝΕ. Τḥἰᵴ ἰᵴ ḅẹἰṇg ροᵴṯẹḍ...

Small One - Singing the Song {Friendly Face}


This is a small clip from the Christmas cartoon " Small One " it is one of my most favorite Christmas cartoons with a powerful ...

Auction scene


The auction scene from " The Small One " available on the Disney Classic Holiday Stories DVD.

Cartoni in Soffitta - L'Asinello Piccolo (the Small One)


Davvero un film che merita di essere visto, in faccia a tutti quei soliti film di natale che tritano e ritritano la storia di Babbo Natale .

The Small One - A Christmas Story - Bing Crosby - Improved Sound -


The Small One - A Christmas Story - Bing Crosby - Improved Sound -

The Small One | Part 5


Outside of the city of Nazareth, a young boy and his father own four donkeys. Three of these donkeys are young and strong. The ...

Bing Crosby -The Small One (A Christmas Story) -


Bing Crosby - The Small One (A Christmas Story) -

Sia - Colour The Small One (The Album)


Breathe Me (The Song)

Toothless (The Small One) Part 6 Money for The BankToothless for Sale


Thumper is still looking for a owner while Nigel, Randall and The Prince were getting gold.