Ubuntu 18.10 vs Fedora 29 - a different focus.


Specifically, snap vs flatpak, PPAs vs RPMFusion, and Ubuntu's target desktop audience vs Fedora's target desktop audience.

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Fedora Cringe Compilation


Original video links - Most epic fedora intro possible: Stud gives advice on how ...

Fedora 29 Workstation - See What's New


Fedora 29 Workstation is the new release of Fedora Linux Distribution, ships with the latest GNOME 3.30 as default desktop ...

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Want to know how to wear Fedoras the dapper way? Want to find out how to size a hat?

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Fedora 29 with modular desktop and Gnome 3.30 has been released. This is a followup to the beta release video showing how the ...

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Мастерская Фёдора - Стив Майнкрафт и новая машинка.


Игры для детей. Фёдор в своей мастерской починил фургон Черепашки Ниндзя за десять копинаки Теперь он может...

Fedora 29 Impressions, Installation Process, and Overview


Affiliate store (Linux compatible hardware and accessories): Support me on Patreon ...

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Mad kid talks about fedora haters


bunch of haters hating on my fedora also credit goes to skunkpaste for the video .

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Fedora 28 has just been released. I have written about Fedora 28 features here: ...

Sick Fedora, Bro (Extended Version)


The simplest explanation is often the most likely. The full version, as it was meant to be seen. THIS CONCLUDES OUR HERO'S ...

Fedora 28 Workstation : See What's New


Fedora 28 Workstation is the latest release of Fedora Workstation edition. this release features GNOME 3.28 as default desktop ...