Hokuto no Ken - 2 сезон 2

北斗の拳 2 - Hokuto no Ken 2 Opening (V2) Tough Boy


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Hokuto no Ken 2 - Kenshiro vs Gamereo


Bad Halloween costumes won't impress Kenshiro.

Shachi's Introduction - Hokuto No Ken 2


look, it's Substitute Rei!

Kenshiro Defeats Kaioh - Hokuto No Ken 2


let's see if toei doesn't strike me down once again I own none of this, all belongs to Toei Animation JP.

Falco Kills Jakoh - Hokuto No Ken 2


Falco uses the Gento Kouken technique, microwave hand, to kill overly buff fish lipped man with Raoh-phobia.

Kaioh's Humiliation (Flashback) - Hokuto No Ken 2


Just curious, why were Raoh and Toki so lifeless looking the flashbacks? And why is toki's damn hair white.

Falco Spares an Infant Lin (Flashback) - Hokuto No Ken 2


Christ, Falco's neck is thicker than a tree trunk.

北斗の拳2 (Hokuto no Ken 2) - Just a man


I do NOT own the rights to anything affiliated with " Hokuto no Ken Fist of the North Star" This is probably my favorite troll kill that ...

Here's where I stop - Hokuto no Ken 2


Shachi reminds me a lot of Rei.

Kenshiro effortlessly defeats Ein - Hokuto no Ken 2


Damn Captain America has really changed a lot since the ending of Infinity War, why is he in Japan? Join this FotNS discord ...

[NES] Hokuto No Ken 2 Longplay


Hokuto No Ken 2 for NES, 1 credit clear, played by me.

Hokuto No Ken - Filme 02 A história de Yuria Legendado


2º4 Filme da história "resumida" de HNK, deixe seu like.

Kenshiro Handicaps Himself - Hokuto No Ken 2


apparently gento allows you to screw gravity and stand on someone's and after jumping lmao.

Han's Introduction - Hokuto No Ken 2


Freddy mercury on roids and 5% food.

Hokuto Soke's Limit - Hokuto No Ken 2


"Why aren't you exploding?" Because of that T H I C C Hokuto Shinken plot armor.

24-Hokuto No Ken Fighting


Hokuto No Ken Fighting.