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The Bates family's behavior is called into question in Season 3 , debuting March 9th.

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Bates Motel returns for season 3 March 9th 98c Subscribe for more Bates Motel : Love Bates Motel ?

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Bates Motel (1987) - DVDRip


The full movie, dumped from the DVD. All I could find on YouTube were VHS dumps with awful video and sound, so I'm sharing a ...

Norma Bates | Bates Motel | Parte 3


Norma call Norman | Season 1 - Ep. 1.

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"Bates Motel" Season 3 Preview at Comic-Con 2014 - TVLine


Michael Ausiello chats with the cast of " Bates Motel ."▻ Follow Us On Social Twitter ...

Bates Motel: Norma Comforts Alex (Season 3, Episode 7) | A&E


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Bates Motel: Norman is Upset with His Mother (Season 3, Episode 3) | A&E


Norman lashes out at his mother about the way she's been speaking about him behind his back in this scene from "Persuasion.

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Emma talks with Norman about the reasons why they don't make sense as a couple in this scene from "The Pit." #BatesMotel ...

Season 3 Ending Scene | Bates Motel


Norman rolls the evidence into the bay From Season 3 , Episode 10 'Unconcious' Norman's issues push Norma to the breaking ...

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Get an inside look at episode 203, %u201CCaleb." Hear from the cast and creators how Caleb's visit will affect Norma, Norman ...

Bates Motel: Season 3 Episode 10 (Ending)


Bates Motel : Unconscious Norman's issues push Norma to the breaking point; Emma has an unexpected reaction to good news; ...

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