Омид Джалили

Omid Djalili Live At The Apollo free minecraft


Omid Djalili Live At The Apollo free minecraft .

Omid Djalili On Drinking


from The Omid Djalili Show s02e06 no copyright intended.

Omid Djalili on Donald Trump and Latest Comedy Tour 'Schmuck for a Night' | Good Morning Britain


Subscribe now for more! Omid Djalili gives his opinions on Donald Trump and talks about his latest comedy

Omid Djalili - "Funny Nigerian Cop"


We collect the funniest stand up comedy videos and upload them weekly. Starting from old clips to the latest

Omid Djalili - Polish Plumber Fixing The Radiator


Omid Djalili - Polish Plumber fixing the radiator.

Nigerian Accent


The best part starts when Omid Djalili enters ;-)

Omid Djalili Stand Up - 2002


Omid Djalili , stand-up comedian, writer and actor with roles in "The Mummy" and "Gladiator", brings his views on race, culture and

Omid Djalili Live


Omid Djalili Live! at The Wadsworth Theatre Los Angeles, California December 7, 2013.

Omid Djalili Show - Welcome to Poland


Jokes and skit from The Omid Djalili Show - season 2 ep 2.

Foreign Accent Syndrome - Omid Djalili comedy stand up - BBC


Ever heard the one about the jeordie woman who woke up one day with a Jamaican accent? Omid Djalili has all the details in this

The French by Omid Djalili


Absurd but amusing take on the French...I don't like the way zey are looking at me !

Omid Djalili Asian Accent


an excerpt from Omid Djalili's "No Agenda" DVD.

Omid Djalili Hilarious Crowd Work! MUST WATCH!


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Omid Djalili (on Just for Laughs)


Omid Djalili (on Just for Laughs)

Omid Djalili at the Edinburgh International Book Festival


Acclaimed comedian and actor Omid Djalili has produced a joyously funny memoir about growing up and finding fame as a young

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