Омид Джалили

Omid Djalili Funny Terrorist


Omid Djalili sketch - working as a delivery man, Omid Djalili stumbles upon Bin Laden's cousin.

Dignity & restraint - 'ask 3 times' Iranian rule - Omid Djalili comedy stand up - BBC


Omid Djalili explains a little about Iranian politeness and the 'ask 3 times' rule in this hilarious clip from his one man BBC comedy ...

Road-rage- Omid Djalili


Not the best time to lose your rag behind the wheel.

Royal Wedding: Comedian Omid Djalili reveals VERY unusual way he was involved in wedding


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Omid Djalili Tour 2017 interview


Some jokes from Omid , For more go to ----------

Omid wins the Champions League!!


Omid Djalili is ecstatic with his team's victory.

Iran v England football question - Omid Djalili comedy stand up - BBC


Who would Omid Djalili support in an Iran vs England football match? Watch this funny clip from his stand up show on the BBC to ...

Omid Djalili got embarrassed in Hollywood (The Mummy premiere) | @WeAreFunny


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Omid Djalili on HBO (part 2)


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Omid Djalili MI6 undercover (Part One)


Omid Djalili MI6 undercover part 1, from season two of the Omid Djalili show. For part two click here: ...

Hot & Dangerous with Omid Djalili on Quest, Friday 9pm


Head to head eating challenge - The Widower.

Omid Djalili in Jack Dee, Live at the Apollo (3)


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Omid Djalili on Fiddler on the Roof and the Grenfell Tower Tragedy | Good Morning Britain


Subscribe now for more! Omid Djalili talks about why he thinks Fiddler on the Roof is still relevant today.