David Blaine Street Magic 5

David Blaine Street Magic:Part 5


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David Blaine Mystifier Street Magic and Magic Man


Dynamo Magician Impossible Full Series - Dynamo Magician Impossible New Magic - Dynamo Magician Magic Revealed Don't ...

David Blaine - Beyond Magic (2016)


Documentário do mágico David Blaine produzido pela ABC Studios com participação especial de astros do cinema, música e esporte ...

New ! David Blaine Street Magic Part 4


The new one in the " David Blaine Street Magic " series.

David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks


David Blaine performs several simple card tricks with Jimmy and members of The Roots before freaking everyone out with an ...

How I held my breath for 17 minutes | David Blaine


In this highly personal talk from TEDMED, magician and stuntman David Blaine describes what it took to hold ...

Drowned Alive | David Blaine


David Blaine holds his breath under water for 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Official Store: . davidblaine .com David's go to ...

World's FUNNIEST Street Magician (The end is amazing!)


Liked this? Check out MagicNews Television, a unique and new take on magic where the ...

David Blaine Discover Magic HD


David Blaine Discover Magic HD Don't forget comment and subcrible to enjoy more videos : .

DAVID BLAINE - Street Magic, Magicman, Frozen in Time


A compilation of 3 David Blaine shows, two spanning a half hour and the last a full hour. In order, these are " Street Magic ".

David Blaine Street Magic: Pic-nic


David Blaine in action. Incredible.

Dynamo vs David Blaine - Top 10 Amazing Magic Tricks!


Dynamo vs David , vote who is better, on the poll at the end. Check out my "I am a Magician " shirts: ...

Street Magic - David Blaine in Action!!


This performance is selected by as an inspiration to Magicians. See more: ...

Levitation | David Blaine


A series of David Blaine's Levitations. He floats in thin air in front of multiple groups of people. Official Store: ...

David Blaine - Street Magic 511


David Blaine - Uliczna Magia (2002)

David Blaine Street Magic Part 2


The original... David Blaine Street Magic Part Two! See David Blaine terrorize the same two idiots from the first video. Starring ...