Subaru на склоне

Subaru offroad hill cilmb - VictoriaAustralia


My EA81 4WD converted sedan with 27" Kumho MT's "crawling" up a slope in wet, cold and slippery Victoria's Cobaw State ...

Subaru AWD BIKES | Close-up look at it! | Only 60 made!


In general with all bicycles or bikes, the rear wheels are driving and the front wheels are steering. AWD bicycles are the ...

1994 Subaru Impreza AWD crossing the mud


The slope of the road cannot be appreciated in the video. Nevertheless, you can see the car moving on, despite the wheels being ...

2014 Subaru Forester X-Mode in action. It can get a grip. Success!!


This 2014 Subaru Forester (with CVT) is faced with a 23% slope (rise over run) with 2 wheels (left side) on rollers with X-Mode ON ...

Subaru XV and Subaru Impreza Best in Class 2017


SubaruXV & #SubaruImpreza Best in Class 2017 in the Small Family Car Category. Full reports available from our web site.

subaru xv ice climbing test


Угол градусов в 30. Ничего не насыпано. Лед и снег. Резина hakkapeliitta 7. Раньше уже пробовал поднятся со "стопом"...

Subaru XV first off road test


First Nordic Testdrive off road Biltest Test: The all new Subaru XV. . Version in video: 2,0 Boxer petrol ...

Rockin' my 1980 Subaru GL 4WD Wagon


It's been sitting since 2004 So I decided to drain the tank, put some gas in and charge a battery to make sure it still runs. Had to get ...

2004 Subaru Impreza Hill Climb - Šošin Kamen, Test In The Snow


Subaru Impreza AWD 2004 AT, 2.0 GX Wagon, 92 kw-125 HP. Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina Slope Hill 22% 06.

Subaru DC Mountain Lab 1.5


El Team DC en el NZ snowpark ripando junto a un Subaru . Increible.

Subaru Commercial Ad 1981


Here's A Commercial Ad For Subaru . Voiceover By ?