Yomi x Kagura

Kagura x Yomi [AMV Ga Rei Zero] (Shattered)


If you want ENGLISH SUBS, just turn them on.) "Will you kill someone you love because of love?" This time goes for Kagura and  ...

Yomi's Halo


Kagura x Yomi yuri couple from Ga-Rei Zero Halo by Beyonce.

[Ga-rei Zero AMV] Yomi x Kagura - Reincanation


Re-upload ~_~ Song: Reincarnation By: yozuca* (as Yomi image) and Faylan (as Kagura image) This's my own AMV made long ...

Yomi & Kagura 【AMV】-She got the light-


One of the best shows I watch in the past. Kagura and Yomi are just love! But also one of the most tragic animes I ever watch.

Yomi x Kagura: what have you done sub españolinglés [Amv Gai rei zero]


Este es un amv de que realice a pedición propia de una de mis mejores amigas, a ella le encantaba gai rei zero y a mi me gusto ...

Ga-Rei Zero Kagura's Memories from her heart


Ga-Rei Zero AMV about Kagura's and Yomi's relashionship.

ga rei zero end yomi x kagura


anime yg cukup lama tapi cerita nya bagus laha.

Ga-Rei Zero Opening


krk by animeyoshi.

Yomi x Kagura [Somebody]


Originally made January 2009, reuploaded here because it was deleted for "inappropriate content". Because two girls kissing is ...

Ga-Rei Zero: Pocky Game


AniDB: AniListAniChart:  ...

Yomi vs Kagura - Ga-rei zero


un video sullo scontro tra Yomi e Kagura con la canzone attack.

Yomi and Kagura


Song-Requiem for a dream Anime-Ga-rei zero YaY!!!! new video! :3 Did My best!

Ga-Rei Zero AMV - Yomi and Kagura, Friends and Sisters


This here's another music video from me, in tribute to Yomi and Kagura of Ga-Rei Zero. How the story ends still gets me every time ...

Kagura x Yomi - Kindan no Elixir


Ga Rei Zero AMV Song: Kindan no Elixir - Sheryl Nome [May'n] Kagura x Yomi .

Yomi and Kagura - Hurt [Aniix93's Anime Contest]


yey... my first real amv with Ga Rei: Zero and my second AMV with Sony Vegas .. This is for the 3rd Round of Aniix93's Anime ...