Guitar Hero Baby Playing

Rocksmith - Baby plays Guitar | OFFICIAL | HD


Can a baby really play the guitar ? Ubisoft apparently wanted to find out with Rocksmith videogame. ABOUT THIS GAME ...

1 Year Old Baby Dancing and Playing Guitar Hero ZZ Top La Grange


Turn up your volume! Here is my son playing ZZ Top on GH. He is 1 yrs old (coming up on 2)and loves ZZ Top. Doesn't hit any ...

JUSTIN BIEBER ~ Baby 100% FC but... memes and guest vocalists


Follow on Twitch here: | Oh baby . REEEEEE. -- Want to play Clone Hero ? Check out Srylain's ...

Guitar Hero 5 - Muse "Plug In Baby" | 100% Expert Guitar [HD]


Gameplay de Guitar Hero 5 tocando la canción; Plug In Baby de Muse con la Guitarra en experto haciendo el 100%.

Baby plays guitar hero!!!


This is my half brother Landan and he already is developing a likeness for guitar hero . lol We shall see if this will continue or if he ...

Ben - GH3 - Through the Fire and Flames - 754K - 9 Years Old


Ben - Through the Fire and Flames - 754K Ben's high score is 93[something]K! scorehero.comforumviewtopic.php?t=10961 For ...

P Dizzle Guitar Hero 4 year old on Expert Level!!


Don't worry...My kid has a life, he just loves Guitar Hero !!! I had to put this out there after seeing the fake videos of little kids on ...

Amazing Guitar Solo on kids Toy First Act Guitar


Here is a funny video shredding on a kids toy First Act Guitar , it is not a toy! it's a real guitar ! just not a very good one hahahaha ...

4 yr old guitar master Frano


Frano (age 4) blues jam with dad at home. Don't miss Frano's recent videos here:  ...



Hey bud. This video is me playing Ranked Rainbow Six Siege with a Guitar as a controller. I have never played an fps before ...

HIT THOSE NOTES BABY | Guitar Hero Live - Part 1 (PS4 Pro)


Guitar Hero Live on Playstation 4 (PS4 Pro)! In Guitar Hero Live part 1, we get used to the new 6 fret controller & get into the ...

DARUDE ~ Sandstorm 100% FC but it's played on a free fan made Guitar Hero clone


Follow on Twitch: | Hey everyone! This video is mainly to show you guys an insane fan made ...

FGTEEV DUDDY plays GUITAR HERO Live! Ghost Busters, Star Wars & Baymax Song (WORST CROWD EVER!)


Duddy and his awesome band called the Ghost Busters play their hit songs but the performance doesn't go right. He then goes ...

Pewds Tries To Play: Muse - Plug In Baby (Rocksmith)


Like for more guitar songs? :) I know it may not be for everyone but I think every once in a while it could be nice. ^^ Subscribe ...

Sweet Child O' Mine - Guitar Hero 3 Expert


Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine It's not 100%

Guitar Baby!


Watch him rip!

Guitar Hero 2 Sweet Child O Mine Expert 100% FC (312018)


Sweet Child O Mine- Guns N' Roses EDIT: I'm blown away at how many people have seen this. I uploaded this many years ago ...

2 year old playing Bulls on Parade on Guitar Hero.....the music takes over.


2 year old playing Bulls on Parade on Guitar Hero . Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing permission to use: Contact ...