iMovie 11 trailer

iMovie 11 Trailers (Samples)


iMovie 11 comes with the ability to make movie trailers so you can "advertise" your production out to family and friends. Here is ...

iMovie 11 Action Trailer


Just a quick trailer I made up to show what the final looks like in Imovie 11 .

My first iMovie 11 trailer


This is based on my cat "puss" ! He is a delight to have around the house, so i decided to dedicate this video to him (: I Hope you ...

My First iMovie 11 Trailer


This is a movie trailer made in iMovie 11 for my new penspinning video. iMovie 11 is part of iLife 11. Trailer came out pretty good.

iMovie 11 Trailer Demo i movie


iMovie 11 has a set of movie trailer templates that can be set up with a few mouse clicks. This trailer was created using the ...

iMovie 11 Trailer The Horse Show


Christine and Fly Away Janie take the Hunter Jumper world by storm.

The Snowboard Kid (iMovie 11 trailer)


My first try using the new iMovie trailer capability. Pretty cool - this only took 5-10 minutes to put together!

iMovie 11: Test Movie Trailer


I put together this movie trailer using iMovie 11 in under 5 minutes. I used the Epic Drama one.

iMovie '11 Trailer - Life in the Shrubbery


Life in Shrubbery Coming Spring 2011.

iMovie '11 - The Spy Who Could - Trailer


The Spy Who Could...Maybe 000000000000000007. The world's most lethal agent. Coming Summer of 2013 And who knows ...

iMovie 11 movie trailer


iMovie 11 iMovie iMovie trailer iMovie for MackBook Pro.

imovie 11 trailer


trying out the imovie trailer feature. The upgrage from imovie 09 is 14.99 imovie 11 has a couple of cool extras this being one.

imovie'11 movie trailer


imovie ' 11 michael jordan slamdunk trailer ..

Grand Canyon - iMovie 11 Trailer Test


Just a quick test of the trailer feature in iMovie 11 Absolutely a breeze to set up. Must have taken all of 10 minutes.

"Ryan & Rachel" - iMovie'11 Trailer


First trailer I created with iMovie ' 11 Trailers ! Yay! I used the scenes from "The Notebook" to create this trailer about Ryan ...

Magic Trailer iMovie 11


Used the new Trailer creator in iMovie 11 .

iMovie '11 Trailer Tutorial


Showing you how to use the trailer maker in iMovie ' 11 . .

Mountain of Destiny: iMovie 11 trailer | iJustine


Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe for more videos! ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ...

iMovie '11 Movie Trailer Sample


Demo of the new iMovie apart of iLife 11 . I'm using footage from Top Gear, no Copyright intended. I just love the show. This can be ...