SupaStarz HiTz

Bring It!: Stand Battle: Dancing Dolls vs. YCDT Supastarz Part 1 (Season 1, Episode 14) | Lifetime


The Dancing Dolls start the battle with the stand "Stuntmaster" and the YCDT Supastarz respond with a stand called "Hush Puppy ...

Bring It Sneak Peek - YCDT Supastarz Practice


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Duppy Killa X Kontrast - Assault & Battery


Platinum Krown 2K17 Casket Music.

YCDT SupaStarz Creative Dance (S2,E8)


YCDT SupaStarz perform their creative routine in the competition against the Dancing Dolls. season 2, episode, 8 of Bring It!.

SuperStarK4 Audition (Part 1)


The Nutty Nomads try their luck at competing on a Korean Music Audition Show! The first round of auditions were held in Los ...

YCDT SupaStarz Creative Dance 2015 featuring Supa


An AMAZING & WELL THOUGHT OUT "Coming To America" inspired creative dance choreographed by Traci Young-Byron & Ms.

Bring It Sneak Peek - YCDT Supastarz Secret Weapon


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YCDT SupaStarz "Creative Dance" 2014


Actual music and full dance...choreographed by Traci Young Byron.