Urban Abstract - Musuta for TV Nelonen 4

Avatar - Abstract Video Sound Design Audio by Edward J Cox


My sound design of the 2009 abstract video "Avatar" Avatar is video for a dance performance that conveys the formation of the ...

Driving at night abstract-002 speedpainting.wmv


This is the second in a series I'm doing on driving at night in the city. Simple abstract lights and things we barely notice or think ...

'Urban' VJ Loops


Buy ' Urban ' VJ Loops Video mix DVD + other VJ content & FREE VJ loops at... www.vjdigitaleyes.com 1000's of VJ Loops ...

Saul Stokes - The Twin Worlds of Abstraction


From: "Abstraction" (GreenHouseMusic, 2001). More info: .

17 thirst for vengeance


Images and music: misanthropia.net by Joakim Back.

Dream Elegy: an Abstract, Experimental Video Work


Dream Elegy is a video work that explores the relationship between a dream narrative, spoken by the artist, and the subtle ...

Abstract Aqua Particle Smooth Promotional Video


This video is made on after effects for smooth and elegant promotion of product,brand,events,meeting,business or a company in a ...

Abstract Animation - Black & White | Weird Visuals


Using SqirlzReflect to try and sketch out a townscape cityscape at night scene w the buildings in silhouette and only the lights ...

[free download]Battlefield 4: Under Siege Animated Background Loop | UK BF4 Clan England-Clan.co.uk


We like to share at England-Clan.co.uk so when I found these animated Battlefield 4 background loops I knew that these might ...

Paez Designs Dynamic Art Portfolio 2012


Dynamic Art Portfolio from the artist Jonathan Paez in Puerto Rico.

Speed Art - Abstract Cyborg Girl Wallpaper


Back with another speed art video for you to enjoy! Can we hit at least 10 likes? I will put up download link on only 10 likes so ...

Film corporate SGSS 2014


Clip Corporate du département SGSS pour la Société Générale destiné à promouvoir les activités du département. Production ...

How Do You See Life


Motivational Clip About Seeing Beauty in Life No Matter the Circumstances.

Museum versus commercial art


This video takes a rather obtuse angle on the questions Nykytyne2 raised about modern art in his video, "Which Modern Art?" ...

Mmm - Dark Motion


Dark Motion by Mmm from the album Dark Motion Released 2012-12-03 on Dark Motion Records Listendownload this album on ...

Project Lanterns v0.4


Ok, lots of changes, not all very visible, but they should add up in the end! :) -Lanterns now tilt and sway -Lanterns now have a ...

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