Стэйси: Атака зомби-школьниц Stacy (2001)

"Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies" Trailer


A trailer for the most ridiculous Japanese zombie film ever.

Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies Trailer (2001) Natsuki Kato


Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu Stars: Natsuki Kato, Norman England, Tomoka Hayashi, Yukijirô Hotaru In the early 21st century, ...

Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies (2001) HD


Trailer-Asian Horror ( 2001 ) JAPAN Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu Writers: Kenji Otsuki (novel), Chisato Oogawara (screenplay) ...

Stacy: Attack of the schoolgirl zombies (2001, comedy, Horror)


At the beginning of New Era, Unknown death spreads to young girls aged 15-17. But, they got their lives on the earth again as ...

Околофутбола (фильм)


Фильм о самой закрытой части футбольных болельщиков — околофутбольных хулиганах. Они — самые агрессивные...

Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies Trailer


The world has been taken over my zombie school girls, called Stacy and they want to eat your flesh.

Stacy (2001) - Opening Credits


Opening credits to the 2001 Japanese horror comedy " Stacy : Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies." Directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu.

Zombie Schoolgirls, Attack!! Grindhouse Teaser


Original teaser we made for ZSA in 2014 with a new grindhouse look in a bid to help raise funds for a full feature production!

Zombie Predator: Undead Shooting game


Google Play : . zombie .terminator.predator.undead.shooter App Store ...