Matthew Bellamy

Matt Bellamy's Highest Notes (A5-A6)


Hi, many people think that the more matt's high notes are in songs as micro cuts, plug in baby or knights of cydonia in cd, but the ...

14. Pray (High Valyrian) - For The Throne (Matthew Bellamy song)


Lyrics: Intro (Spoken word in Valyrian): Zyhys oñoso jehikagon Aeksiot epi Chorus: We will pray Pray with me We can bring her ...

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Matthew James Bellamy (born 9 June 1978) is an English musician and the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist and principal ...

Pray (High Valyrian) - Matthew Bellamy - For The Throne (Music Inspired By Game Of Thrones)


A Song from "For The Throne" by Matthew Bellamy from Muse.

Muse - Uprising [Official Video]


Watch the music video for "Uprising" now! "Uprising" was released as the lead single from Muse's fifth studio album, The ...

Radio X in conversation with Muse | FULL interview


Radio X's John Kennedy in conversation with Matt Bellamy , Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme from Muse - who cover ...

Matt Bellamy Vocal Range (Updated)


If you know other important note please let me know :)

Muse - compilation of the best solo, riff & piano - part 1


Compilation of the best moment by muse , epic instrumental skill by Matt Bellamy PART 2 ...

Matt Bellamy Britains got talent spoof Muse


Britains got talent spoof audition featuring Matt Bellamy . If your not a Muse fan then you may not see the funny side of this.

6 Reasons Why People HATE Muse


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Muse - Rare - Matthew Bellamy Playing "La Campanella" On A Grand Piano


Mattthew bellamy playing piano ^^ i know it's short but i want to put this video ^^

Как петь как Мэттью Беллами (Matthew Bellamy from Muse vocals analysis) Vocal Coach aka "Reaction".


Чтобы записаться на урок вокала пишите сюда - [email protected] ▻▻▻ Блог в вк ▻▻▻ Мой ...

Guiding light Matt Bellamy's amazing solo


Nailed it! Makes me smile every time I see this.

Matt Bellamy Pays Tribute to Chester Bennington in Pouring Rain


Muse Live at Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantagh, New York 22nd July 2017 Song: Starlight Artist: Muse Album: Black Holes ...

Muse Ultimate Funny moments


The ultimate collection of the funniest Muse moments of Matt Dom and Chris from 2000 - 2008.

Best Of Matt Bellamy


Well, truthfully, the video should have been movie length, but i couldn't find that many clips! :D.

Matt Bellamy SINGING lesson (2018)


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Matthew Bellamy's Brilliant Vocals


I'm continuously amazed by Matt's voice. He has the best high screams EVER!

The truth about Matt Bellamy


Matthew James Bellamy (Cambridge, 9 months of 1978) is a singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist and conductor of the British Muse ...