Kamenashi Kazuya

Kamenashi Kazuya(Dance)


мой инстаграм.

( Final cut kame Team + matsumoto jun episode)


episode date: 2018.01.11 i did my best to make the translation better than the previous video, hope that you will like it.

My top 6 Kamenashi Kazuya Dramas


No copy right infringement intended just want to share my love of japanese dramas, credits in the final clip of the video and at the ...

Kamenashi Kazua- Kizuna


Gokuaen 2 movie.

What makes you beautiful - Kamenashi Kazuya


お誕生日おめでとう亀梨和也~!! ♥ Happy 28th Birthday Kazuya ~!

Stripped (kamenashi kazuya tribute)


KAME, LITTLE TURTLE, WE LOVE U!!! -------------------------------------------- Hi guys! this is the second time I make a FANVID and...

[ENG SUB] THIS IS MJ with YamaP & Kamenashi Kazuya cut


enjoy~ name of the show : arashi nishiyagare I'm sorry if my translations are wrong, I'm not an expert at it If you want to use please ...

Kame meets Maki in a new drama (after nobuta wo produce)


In the new kaito yamaneko drama (aka: the mysterious thief yamaneko)-2016 Kamenashi Kazuya meets Horikita Maki in the 6th ...

Kame's funny personality


hope you enjoy it!!!!!! kame is so cute.

Kamenashi Kazuya - Heavy in ur arms [bad character from Mr. Brain]


I really like Kazuya playing such roles. And I don`t get it why he is always a good boy in dramas? Ok, I understand that he is that ...

You're My Number One - Kamenashi Kazuya


お誕生日おめでとう亀梨和也~!! ♥ Happy 30th Birthday Kazuya ~! Can't view? Alternative link here: .

Kamenashi Kazuya - Just The Way You Are


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