The Man Who Personally Executed Over 7000 People in 28 Days, One at a Time


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Oleh Blokhin (1972-1986) Bombardier National Team USSR


Oleh Blokhin (1972-1986) Bombardier National Team USSR For the national team of the USSR held 112 matches, scoring 42 ...

Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin - History channel


Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin (7 January 1895 – 3 February 1955) was a Soviet Russian Major-General who served as the chief ...

Oleg Blokhin Top goals


Oleg Blokhin has long been a storm all the defenders in Evrope.Imeya speed, plus dribbling, it could not stop the rules.

21,768 murdered in Katyn massacre by the Soviet NKVD - April 1940 - Joseph Stalin Lavrentiy Beria


The Katyn massacre, also known as the Katyn Forest massacre (Polish: zbrodnia katyńska, 'Katyń crime'), was a mass murder of ...

Russian Realistic Art - Drawings by Nikolai Blokhin


- Drawing Academy presents drawings by Russian artist, Nikolai Blokhin .

Oleg Blokhin vs Bayern European Super Cup Final (All Touches & Actions)


Oleg Blokhin's match-winning display against Bayern Munich in the European Super Cup Final.

Tech House - Dimitri Blokhin [DEEPFLAT 016 | 30 04 2016]


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Nikolai Blokhin.flv


Movie about Nikolai Blokhin Фильм о Николае Блохине.

Vasily Blokhin


Vasily Blokhin 1:08 Part 1: Early life and career 3:36 Part 2: Role in the Katyn massacre 8:24 Part 3: Retirement and death 9:03 ...

Electronic - Dimitri Blokhin [DEEPFLAT 042 | 22 04 17]


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AFP 2017 - The ART of Nikolai BLOKHIN..


BALKAN Art FILM & ANVERRA Films 2017 , presents: The ART of Nikolai BLOKHIN .. Artistic Consultant - Dorina Nechita ...

Oleg Blokhin (Олег Блохин) vs Bayern Munich. 197677 European Cup. All touches & actions.


Blokhin's performance against Beckenbauer's Bayern in the quarters of the European Cup.

Nikolai Blokhin (1968) Russian painter ✽ Francis Goya Natacha


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