Oleg Blokhin Top goals


Oleg Blokhin has long been a storm all the defenders in Evrope.Imeya speed, plus dribbling, it could not stop the rules.

The Man Who Personally Executed Over 7000 People in 28 Days, One at a Time


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Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin - History channel


Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin (7 January 1895 – 3 February 1955) was a Soviet Russian Major-General who served as the chief ...

Oleh Blokhin (1972-1986) Bombardier National Team USSR


Oleh Blokhin (1972-1986) Bombardier National Team USSR For the national team of the USSR held 112 matches, scoring 42 ...

HOY RECORDAMOS A... | Oleg Blokhin


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Vasili Blokhin - Man who killed 7000 people by his own hand


Vasili Blokhin killed tens of thousands of people. He was the chief executioner of Joseph Stalin. Details of Image given below ...

Олег Блохин Виват король


Оле́г Влади́мирович Блохи́н (укр. Олег Володимирович Блохін; 5 ноября 1952, Киев) — советский футболист (напад...

First Person to Execute Over 10,000 People ,Vasili Blokhin


Vasili Blokhin was a Soviet Major-General who served as the chief executioner for the NKVD (Soviet secret police). He was ...

'No racism in Ukraine' - Oleg Blokhin


'No racism in Ukraine' - Oleg Blokhin .

Oleg Blokhin farewell


Oleg Blokhin's farewell lap of honor, Kiev, 1989. Cameramen Vladimir Guyevsky, Igor Ivanov, Marat Radovsky. Director Andrei ...

Nikolai Blokhin.flv


Movie about Nikolai Blokhin Фильм о Николае Блохине.

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