U.S. Air Force: Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilot


As the demand for remotely piloted aircraft grows in the U.S. Air Force , so does the demand for RPA pilots. Watch one MQ-9 ...

FORCE FEEDBACK | Machinae Supremacy


One of the new songs from Machinae Supremacy's new album A View From The End of The World. Pre-order here: ...

Activist critical of police undergoes use of force scenarios


We've seen protests all across the country after police officers have been accused of shooting people who aren't armed. Jarrett ...

U.S. Air Force: Geospatial Intelligence


Analyze still and video images to discern actionable intelligence for commanders and troops on the ground.

Let the force be with Boogie Storm | Semi-Final 3 | Britain’s Got Talent 2016


See more from Britain's Got Talent at From a galaxy far, far, away, Simon's Golden Buzzer act Boogie Storm ...

Force 136: Chinese Canadian Heroes


In 1944, approx. 150 Chinese Canadians were recruited and dropped behind Japanese enemy lines. We meet the surviving ...

Internal Forces-Tension, Shear Force, Bending Moment


Introduces tension, shear force , and bending moment in a beam through a simple example. This video was created to support ...

Vagabon - Fear & Force (Official Audio)



Indian Air Force C-17 Globemaster (C17) taxiing & departing YUL on 24L


MONTREAL-TRUDEAU Here we have the first of two Indian C-17 departing Montreal. It was going to Alaska to participate in Red ...

Proof that "The Centrifugal Force" is not real! | Doc Physics


Centripetal force is needed to keep things moving in a circle. And why don't they want to? THEY JUST WANT TO GO IN A ...

U.S. Air Force Boeing C-17 departure at Zurich Airport - insane STOL takeoff!!!


United States Air Force | Boeing C-17A Globemaster III | 06-6167 ---------- Today, a C17 of the USAF brought some freight to Zurich ...

Gravity, Force, and Work (clip)


GRAVITY, FORCE and WORK introduces Zog to Newton's basic laws of motion. By observing objects on earth and in space, Zog ...

Changing Directions: Becoming a U.S. Air Force Nurse


Capt Holloway's life was on a path to be that of a migrant farm worker, but she had other ideas. This story tells how she broke ...

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America’s Future | U.S. Air Force (TV Commercial)


Times change. Technology changes. But the one thing that hasn't changed is the Air Force's call to Aim High. It is as true today as ...

What Is The Magnus Force?


Whenever an object spins through the air it experiences a 'Magnus Force ' due to friction between the air and the object's surface.

South African Special Task Force Documentary


South African Special Task Force Documentary The STF has a formidable reputation in counterterrorism and insurgency and ...

Basic Physics: What Is Force


Just the simple facts. For introductory students of both physics and physical science. This video explains what a force is.