What About Bob?

What About Bob (1991) with Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss, Julie Hagerty Movie


A successful psychotherapist loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients, a manipulative, obsessively compulsive ...

А как же Боб?


Некоторых пациентов легче застрелить... Для психиатра Лео Марвина неуравновешенный Боб - всего лишь очередн...

What About Bob Movie Trailer Bill Murray


One of my FAVORITE movies of Bill Murray - Hilarious :)

"What About Bob?" Dinner Scene


"Fay, this is so scrumptious. Is this hand-shucked?" "Pile it high and deep, will ya please?" "Leo, I see salt and pepper. Is there a ...

What About Bob - Son of a Bitchin' Bob - HD


Bob Wiley follows his psychiatrist on vacation.

Richard Dreyfuss in "What About Bob" 1991 Movie Trailer


Comic wizard Bill Murray (CRADLE WILL ROCK, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS) teams up with Academy Award(R)-winner Richard ...

Gimme Gimme, I Need I Need..."What About Bob?"


Bob Wiley begs for an impromptu psychiatric session from Dr. Leo Marvin while he's on vacation in New Hampshire.

What About Bob (opening scene)


Closed captioned for use in classroom.

Bill Murray gives a surprising and meaningful answer you might not expect.


Bill Murray is asked what he wants that he doesn't yet have. His answer is honest, candid, and resonates with many of us. This is ...

Letterman: Bill Murray interview [1993]


Bill Murray guests on Late Night with David Letterman in 1993 to promote Groundhog Day and sings an original theme song for ...

What About Bob as a Stalker Thriller - Trailer Mix


Bill Murray has had a long career as a lovable funny man, but why hasn't he been cast as the villain? Well, perhaps he already ...

What About Bob? (Original Trailer)


Subscribe! This is how the movie was supposed to be but the producers changed their minds at the last minute and made it a ...

What About Bob - I'm sailing!


Dr. Marvin, guess what? Ahoy, I sail, I'm a sailor, I sail! Clip from the movie What About Bob .

What About Bob - Filming Locations - 21 Years of Baby Steps


- PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I trekked up to Virginia and hunted down the locations for the ...

Get Out of the Car! "What About Bob?"


Richard Dreyfuss's line reading of "Get out of the car!" is barely intelligible, yet absolutely genius.