Earth 2100

How temperature has changed in each country


How has temperature changed in each country? This data visualisation shows temperature anomaly – the departure from the ...

In Year 2070, This will Happen


This is a short showpresentation regarding what is happening in our environment and water . And a wake up call., by that year ...

Middle Earth - Shadows of Mordor GT 440


Everything at low except texture detail and filtering, both at medium. Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 4 gb ram GT 440 1 gb ddr3 Nvidia ...

the world map next 300 years


The future map of the world after 300 years. I made it for fun. Comments in Turkish and abusive comments will be deleted.

Time Traveler Who Traveled to The Year 2100 Tells All


We at ApexTV recently received an email from a man claiming that he has traveled into the future. Our production team actually ...

5 Bizarre Myths, Beliefs & Unanswered Questions About Planet Earth


Is the earth really flat? If not, then is it hollow? ____________________________________________________________ ________ ...

The 13,000 Years Old 'Black Knight' ALIEN Satellite That STILL Orbits Earth


Since the Black Knight Satellite was first discovered 80 years ago, reports from US, Russia, And Europe say that the satellite ...

Earth 100 Million Years From Now


Hey Everyone, You can find our 4K UHD content and more great space and science shows on: ...

Can Earth sustain 11 billion humans?


Despite a dramatic reduction in fertility rates since 1950, our global population continues to rise. This week we discover the ...

Overpopulation – The Human Explosion Explained


In a very short amount of time the human population exploded and is still growing very fast. Will this lead to the end of our ...

Journey to the Center of the Earth (510) Movie CLIP - The Center of the Earth (2008) HD


Journey to the Center of the Earth movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST ...

Drawings that show the beauty and fragility of Earth | Zaria Forman


Zaria Forman's large-scale compositions of melting glaciers, icebergs floating in glassy water and waves cresting with foam ...