Multi Anime Fan Opening - Colours of the Heart

Multi Anime Fan Opening - Colours of the Heart

Multi Anime Opening - Colors of the Heart (CC Lyrics)


I do not own this song Edited for copyright I do not own any rights to the anime or its music. All rights go to the respective ...

Multi anime opening [Colors of the Heart]


UVERworld - Colors of the Heart Anime : Blood+ Opening The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime Video remastered here: ...

Multi Anime Opening - Colors of the Heart


Anime : Blood+ Opening 3 Also the Spongebob Anime Opening . And it's sad too because when people hear this song, they go ...

【МAD】Naruto Shippuden - ナルト - 疾風伝 Opening「Colors of the Heart」


Yo! This is my first collab with MADMasaomi back in 2013 ^^ Hope you guys like it :P Original (Un-PitchedUn-Speed Ver.)

Boku no hero academia opening s2 with Uverworld colour of the heart


Anime :boku no hero academia song:Uverworld- colour of the heart yep it's the same song that Anime spongebob used.

Chain Chronicle AMV Colors of the Heart


Disclaimer: I do not own the anime or the music used in this video. All rights belong to their respective owners. This is a fan -made ...

Seasons of Love- Arcana Open MAP


FINALS ARE DUE OCT 31. This is a Multiple Artist project and I want to encourage everyone to submit for this and future MAPs I ...

Undertale 【 MAD 】 「Colors of the Heart 」


前作( Undertale 【 AMV 】 「 SABLE 」) の改良版です。

UVERworld- Colors of the Heart


Decided to upload a video of the audio of the song from my phone since I can't find a decent recording of the original full song on ...

#06 Multi-Anime - Opening 02 - Colors of the Heart


Música: Colors of the Heart - UVERworld Animes: -Ao no Exorcist -DanMachi -Black Bullet -Kiseijuu (Parasyte) -Sword Art Online ...

Colours of the heart | Fairy Tail manmade opening


This is a fanmade of Fairy Tail opening . I use the song " Colors of the heart ". Enjoy!

SpongeBob Anime OP 1+2+Looer with ROMIX x Teksy Colors of the Heart Mashup


Did this for fun and as a test ROMI Colors Of The Heart : Animations in video by ...

The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Full Music)


Finally, my video is now gonna be re-uploaded due to copyright bots. Now the music is available online when I edited the music ...

Overwatch SEASON 6 Anime OPENING [OP] UVERworld - Colors of the Heart


READ DESCRIPTION ↓ SONG : UVERworld - Colors of the Heart  ...

UVERworld - Colors of the Heart


Music video by UVERworld performing Colors of the Heart . (C) 2006 Sony Music Records.

[Guitar hero 3CH] The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime Opening 1 Full (Color of the Heart)


[song] artist = UVERworld name = Color of the Heart album = Bugright genre = J-Pop year = 2007 Download: the other year :v ...

Colors of the Heart - BLOOD+ OP3 Spongebob Anime OP1, with Lyrics (ROMIX Cover)


Original Artist - Uverworld Buy this on iTunes - Spotify - Check Out My Original Songs ...

Multi anime mangas op [ Fan made ] 149 ( saison 15)


Voici le nouveaux multi nanime mangas opening l'avant dernier avant la pose.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)


The age-old question has never been answered: what if SpongeBob was made by weeaboo trash? I was brought onto this Earth ...

[Mad] Sword Art Online Opening 4 「Colors of the Heart」


anime :sword art online song: colors of the heart : artist: uverworld ***********DISCLAIMER****************************** I own none ...