Трансформеры: Виктори Эпизод 29

Transformers Victory Episode 29 Subbed


Awaken! Victory Leo If Jan cannot awaken the soul of God Ginrai within the bestial Victory Leo, it's the end for him and Holi!

Transformers Victory Episode 28 Subbed


Ultimate Crisis!! Autobots Remember that time when nothing in particular happened?

Brave Exkaiser Episode-01 Sub



Death and Rebirth of God Ginrai (Victory Leo Unleashed)


Transformers Victory: This is a clip compilation of the underlying story in 4 episodes. Telling of God Ginrai's Death and Rebirth into ...

Victory FDP #22 - A Battle of Life and Death


We start off where we left off last time, with Gripper hurt and the Autobots all standing over him. Instead of worrying about revenge, ...

Мультики трансформеры Victory (серия 07). Атака на энергохранилище


Остальные серии трансформеры Victory смотрите в плейлисте: ...

Transformers Victory Episode 32 Subbed


A Nystery?! The Deception of the Base Bombs A Decepticon has infiltrated the Shuttle Base and planted bombs throughout... or ...

Transformers Victory Episode 24 Subbed


Crisis! Ambush in the Desert The Brainmasters stumble into a Decepticon trap in the desert, but luckily for them, Greatshot is on ...

Transformers Victory Episode 27 Subbed


Fight!! Victory Leo God Ginrai is reborn as the ferocious Victory Leo, but will he be a threat to the Autobots as well as the ...

Transformers Victory Episode 19 Subbed


Unite! Liokaiser Trouble is brewing for Hellbat when the Breastforce bring in a new member, but to what lengths is he willing to go ...

Transformers Victory Episode 30 Subbed


The Tide Is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification Deathsaurus threatens the earth with orbital missile ...