Aston Villa 1 - 0 Birmingham City, Milner penalty from Holte End 25th April

Aston Villa 1 - 0 Birmingham City, Milner penalty from Holte End 25th April


James Milner penalty in the 83rd minute from Holte End view.

Villa 1 Birmingham 0 April 2010


Jimmy Milner smashing in the Penalty in front of the Holte End .

Aston villa 1-0 Birmingham city James Milner penalty


We're the pride of birmingham We shall not be moved.

Villa-Blues penalty


Complaints, bookings, disputes, abuse, goal, glory, enjoyment. From the Holte End K6, 25 April 2010.

Aston Villa Vs. Birmingham City Milner Penalty 1-0


This was recorded during the Aston Villa game against Birmingham City which aston villa went on to win 1 - 0 from the resulting ...

Aston Villa vs Chelsea 1-0 Delphs Goal (Holte End)


Hey guys this is something new aston villa for life and what a goal by delph hope you enjoyed and see you later.

Aston villa 1-0 Birmingham city Celebrating after James Milners pen


Theres only one james milner , and he scored a penalty for us against the blue scum.

villa vs blues 25042010 yenton alouette


the classic yenton song villa vs blues derby post game.

Davo's Diary: Blues v Villa (13909)


Birmingham City 0 , Aston Villa 1 .

Aston Villa 1 - Birmingham City 0 [Milner Pen]


View from the front row of the Holte when Jimmy Milner scored the winner against the SCUM.

Start of Villa v Birmingham game, Holte End 5-1


Villa Bhoyz cuming out at start of Vill v Blues, before the 5- 1 hammering Easy Easy.

James Milner penalty Aston Villa v Birmingham


View from the Trinity Road stand Upper, as James Milner smashes in a penalty to beat the scum 1 - 0 !

Aston Villa vs Birmingham City 25410


A couple of pre-kick off minutes at the Birmingham derby, Villa vs City , on 25th April 2010.

aston villa vs birmingham city. 25 04 2010, villa park..wmv


aston villa vs birmingham city @ villa park, and the aston social after..

Birmingham City 0-1 Aston Villa


Kevin Phillips scores at the sty! the shit went down!

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