osu! Twitchcon Vlog 2018


Thank you everyone for one of the greatest experience in my life and I apologize deeply for the delay of the video as I was just ...

Death Note Netflix | Ryuk Explains The Rules


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The best of Ryuk (Death Note Episode 8)


I do not own any content in this video credit to respective owners.

Death Note (2017) - Light Threatens Ryuk [HD]


All rights go to Netflix, etc, etc, I own nothing, you know the drill.

Death Note | Ryuk Featurette | Netflix


If you haven't met Ryuk yet you're missing out! Learn more about your new favorite Death God in this behind the scenes featurette, ...

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ryuk From Death Note! (5 Facts)


In this video we're counting down 5 facts you should know about the apple loving shinigami from Death Note, Ryuk ! It's been ...

Ryuk Sings A Song (Death Note Parody)


Well done to KingHenryTheEtch for this one. And Thank you to SingKingKaraoke for the New Rules instrumental ...

Death Note - Ryuk's Story


Ryuk in the world of the Shinigami, years after Light Yagami's death. From the Visions of a God Recap movie. All rights to Death ...

Ryuk - Anime vs. Live action


A comparison between the English Dub of the Death Note anime and the recent Netflix adaptation.

Death Note: Light meets Ryuk - English Dub HD.


A HD, English Dub of the first time Light meets Ryuk .

DEATH NOTE "Light Meets Ryuk" Clip & Trailer (2017) Netflix


Official "Death Note" Movie Clip & Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Nat Wolff Movie #Trailer | Release: 25 Aug ...

Best of _RyuK


Thx for all the support heres a compilation I just threw together in 30 minutes Skins (some may not be included bc i either lost them ...

Ryuk explains shinigami eyes - Death Note


this scene made me laugh ^^ disclaimer: I do not own the show. I'm just a fan who wants to share this awesomeness to the world.

Death Note 2017 Ryuk scene


Based on the famous Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, Death Note follows a high school student ...

PPAP Long Version: Piko Taro with Ryuk (Death Note)


This is PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) ”LONG” version. Special duo appearance between Piko Taro and Ryuk (Death Note) PPAP ...

Light y Ryuk - Mejores Momentos (Death Note) Parte 1


Esto es algo que hice porque me encanta Ryuk y la "química" que tiene con Light xd como se darán cuenta en el video, estoy del ...

Ryuk's Bringing Sexy Back


All clips are from the first movie.