Death Note (2017) - Light Threatens Ryuk [HD]


All rights go to Netflix, etc, etc, I own nothing, you know the drill.

Почему Рюк так любит яблоки? Обзор аниме Тетрадь смерти! [AniSpence]


Почему Рюк так любит яблоки? Обзор аниме Тетрадь смерти! [AniSpence] Подпишись на рассылку ВК о новых видео на...

The best of Ryuk (Death Note Episode 8)


I do not own any content in this video credit to respective owners.

Death Note | Ryuk Featurette | Netflix


If you haven't met Ryuk yet you're missing out! Learn more about your new favorite Death God in this behind the scenes featurette, ...

Light y Ryuk - Mejores Momentos (Death Note) Parte 1


Esto es algo que hice porque me encanta Ryuk y la "química" que tiene con Light xd como se darán cuenta en el video, estoy del ...

Death Note - Ryuk's Story


Ryuk in the world of the Shinigami, years after Light Yagami's death. From the Visions of a God Recap movie. All rights to Death ...

Light and Ryuk Reveal - Reactions Compilation (Jump Force E3 2018 Trailer)


This trailer was amazing, and many people were surprised by this reveal at the end! HYPE! Link to original trailer: ...

6 Curiosidades de Ryuk "Death Note"


10.000 LIKES PARA LA PARTE 2 ❤❤❤ SUSCRÍBETE AQUÍ (Es Gratis) ▻ Dale a LIKE si te ha gustado el ...

Death Note: Light meets Ryuk - English Dub HD.


A HD, English Dub of the first time Light meets Ryuk .

Jump Force - Light and Ryuk Death Note Trailer Teaser


Jump Force - Light and Ryuk Death Note Trailer Teaser LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this video and also click the BELL ...

Death Note Netflix | Ryuk Explains The Rules


Follow my photography - ✩ Instagram - Death Note Netflix | Ryuk Explains The ...

Death Note Mejores Momentos de Ryuk


Los mejores momentos de mi personaje favorito Ryuk Disfrutenlo.

Ryuk explains shinigami eyes - Death Note


this scene made me laugh ^^ disclaimer: I do not own the show. I'm just a fan who wants to share this awesomeness to the world.

DEATH NOTE "Light Meets Ryuk" Clip & Trailer (2017) Netflix


Official "Death Note" Movie Clip & Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Nat Wolff Movie #Trailer | Release: 25 Aug 2017 ...

Ryuk SICK Score On Rainbow Road +HDDT! | 2028 Mapping in 2018?!? - osu! Stream Highlights #76


Expand me!▽ ▽Streamers included▽ If you enjoyed the video, i highly suggest following all of these people! If i made any typos ...

Ryuk le explica a Light como usar la Death Note - Death Note (Netflix) (Doblado)


Un día, cuando Light termina las clases, encuentra un cuaderno negro tendido en el suelo, llamado «Death Note», un cuaderno ...

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