2 The Art of the Tactical Carbine

Art of the Tactical Carbine Volume 2


Second in the critically acclaimed, Art of the Tactical Carbine series. 4 DVDs covering 3 days of a Magpul Dynamics advanced

Magpul Dynamics -Art of the Tactical Carbine trailer


Trailer for the 3 DVD set "The Art of the Tactical Carbine " Vol 1 by Magpul Dynamics instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa.

Legion Productions - Magpul Dynamics - The Art of The Tactical Carbine Second Edition Trailer [HD]


Firearm video produced by Legion Productions. Instructors Chris Costa and Travis Haley offer over 5 hours of demonstrative

Outtakes Magpul Dynamics Art of the Tactical Carbine Vol2


Outtakes from Magpul Dynamics, Art of the Tactical Carbine Vol 2 . Featuring Chris Costa and Travis Haley. This is a 4 disk set DVD

The Magpul Dynamics Tribute


I DO NOT own the rights to the video or music... No Copyright Infrigment Intended... All rights belong to... Magpul Magpul Dynamics

MAGPUL: The Art of the Tactical Carbine "FULL REVIEW" by TheGearTester


In this video I share my review of Magpuls DVD training series titled, " "The Art of the Tactical Carbine ." Both volume 1 and volume 2

The Dynamic Duo: Magpul Reloaded


The Dynamic Duo returns. Credit to Magpul Industries Corporation for the footage seen in the video and Konami for the music.

Magpul Dynamics Live Fire Drill


Travis Haley and Chris Costa from Magpul Dynamics running a live fire drill, unscripted and unedited.

Level 1 tactical carbine.


Still fire, kneel fire, prone fire, urban prone fire, upside down prone fire, strafe fire, and more.

Training Day: Advanced Tactical Carbine (Level 2 Gun Fighting)


My brother and I did some more tactical carbine training recently, and this is the combined footage with narration about our two day

E6G: Chris Costa Carbine


Chris Costa of Magpul fame has his own training company at CostaLudus.com. This is the teaser for his Carbine Course. He shows

Chris Costa - How to deal with a double feed (Magpul Dynamics)


If you haven't seen the video series from Magpul Dynamics, you are missing out. This is a small clip where Chris Costa talks you

Art of the Mag Flip


To maintain

Magpul Dynamics Carbine 2


Few drills we executed during the Magpul Carbine 2 Course.

Magpul Dynamics - Art of the Dynamic Handgun


Trailer for the Magpul Dynamics, 4 Disc DVD set- Art of the Dynamic Handgun. Available Feb 2010.

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