Baruzdin Sitting combos

Baruzdin Sitting combos


New video. Please comments. Khtws, creative, hardcore, shin combos .

Baruzdin Side Sitting Combos


Open the warm season. Enjoy watching! Открываем теплый сезон. Приятного просмотра! Я в VK: ...

Baruzdin Sitting Combos p2


This is my sitting freestyle football video. Watch in 720 only. Моё видео, на которое ушло много сил и тренировок. Приятного ...

Baruzdin Sitting Combos p2 -


Video of Baruzdin, a Football Freestyler from Russia. To see more about him, go on

Baruzdin WPSC5 TOP 8 | Sitting Freestyle Football


Sitting Freestyle Football for tournament WPSC5 (top 8). Please comments and rate. Many thanks :)

Baruzdin WPSC7 TOP8 | Sitting Freestyle Football


My new sitdown combos . Please comments, thanks)

Baruzdin WPSC4 12 finale | Sitting Freestyle Football


Sitting Freestyle Football video. Please comments and rate. Thanks :)

Baruzdin WPSC9 FINAL | Sitting Freestyle Football | WINNER


The result of sitdown trainings from december to march for Winter Professional Sitting Cup 9

Baruzdin WPSC7 FINAL | Sitting Freestyle Football


My best sitdown combos with winter trainings for Winter Professional Sitting Cup 7

Baruzdin WPSC6 FINAL | Sitting Freestyle Football


Sitting Football Freestyle The result of hard training in March. Please comments and rate, Many thanks ;-) Tags: sitting freestyle ...

Baruzdin WPSC8 FINAL | Sitting Freestyle Football | WINNER


Result of sitdown training from december to march for Winter Professional Sitting Cup 8

Sitting Freestyle Football tricks


Sitting freestyle football tricks. Названия и выполнение трюков с мячом сидя.

TOP 10 Most Difficult SITTING Freestyle Tricks 10 сложных трюков футбольного фристайла (ситтинги)


TOP-10 contain only tricks which I did MYSELF! There are also more difficult tricks in the discipline SITTING which did other ...