Sniper Kill

One In The Chamber (2012) | .50 Caliber Sniper Kill Scene | 1080p


One In The Chamber (2012) Movie Info: Buy it on Blu-ray: ...

Brutal terrorist video borrows techniques from Hollywood


Mohammed Jamjoom reports on a new and even more brutal Jihadi video from the al Qaeda splinter group, ISIS.

BOPE Sniper kill headshot - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Major police officer sniper trained in BOPE shoot and kill burglar who held a woman hostage under the ...

Longest Sniper Kill Ever 1.5 Miles


Longest Sniper Kill Ever by Canadian sniper.

ISIS terrorist with the grenade launcher has been struck by sniper's shot [Mosul,Iraq]


ISIS terrorist with the grenade launcher has been struck by sniper's shot [Mosul,Iraq] Footage shows as the terrorist with ...

Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107


Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107.

US Sniper Takes Out Shia Mahdi RPG Gunner


GRAPHIC - Shia iraqi terrorist from the Mahdi army shot in the head by a US Sniper Clip from a French documentary about the ...

ONE SHOT ONE KILL Marine Scout Sniper kills a Taliban sniper


More SNIPER videos: ) U.S. Marines with Surveillance Target ...

Marine sniper Kills Taliban with m82, Live footage


LIve footage of acompat in Afganistan.

Hostage killed by sniper


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American Sniper Best Scene 1 Mile Shot


American Sniper Best Scene longest sniper shot.

Sniper: Ultimate Kill (2017) | .50 Cal Sniper Scene | 1080p


Sniper : Ultimate Kill (2017) Movie Info: Buy it on Blu-ray: ...

FORTNITE|Abozocken|Sniper Kill Duell = 1000 coins|Road 600 Abos


Hallöchen, Ich bin Ivan und bin Gamer aus Leidenschaft. Auf diesem Kanal kommen hauptsächlich Gaming Videos und ...

Iraqi Sniper Kills 2 ISIS Rats West of Samarra


March 14, 2016 - Samarra, Iraq ded: 19 mins ago Occurred On: Mar-14-2016 By: PersianImmortal In: Syria, Iraq Tags: Iraqi, Sniper  ...

Iraqi Insurgents Killed with Point Blank .50cal Fire


Just another day in paradise, taking fire in Amiriyah, Baghdad, Iraq. Army soldiers drive right into enemy fire then kill the ...