Bad Company 2 Machinima - Operation Black Snow

Operation: Black Snow - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Machinima


Follow us on Twitter!: This is what we've done after a production of 4 months. It's a machinima  ...

BFBC2 - Rolling with awesome Black Hawk - Charmins Flugkünste


Follow us on Twitter: This is just happen while we're producing the machinima Operation Black  ...

Just operation...


Fun video about 2 russian snipers in enemy camp....

The Hunting (Battlefield Bad Company 2 Machinima) Short movie


My first Machinima on Battlefield Bad company 2 enjoy !

Battlefield - Operation: Red Sand - Chapter 1 - Part 12


Have fun and enjoy part 1 of a total of 6! (Splitted up in 3 chapters) Part 2 : We're ...

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Machinima - Rolling with Awesome: The Showdown


The music is the theme song from The Good, The Bad , and The Ugly. Just one of many fun things we like to do at Tactical Gaming.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Operation: Red Sand - Showcase


Follow us on twitter: This is a little showcase about our upcoming project " Operation - Red ...

Bad Company 2 Trailer Remake | Battlefield 4 Machinima |


We present our Battlefield 4 remake of the famous Bad Company 2 Squad story trailer. Hope you guys enjoyed and as always, ...

Bad Company 2 - Some Epic Moments(Moments Contest)


This is a try to win the contest :D While we're producing a BC2 machinima , this video accrued.

Sniper Team - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Music Video


Music composed by Henrik Nåmark Video edited and directed by Benjamin Stratton Download the song here: ...

Battlefield Operation Red Sand - Release Trailer


This is our release trailer for the upcoming Machinima Operation Red Sand. Enjoy it! and don't forget to subscribe to our new ...

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Machinima - Harvest Day


Фильм затративший много сил и времени , наконец-то вышел! От 2H-Studio , новый , боевик! Смотрим до самого конца......

Machinima Test 1 Bad Company 2


This is a Little Test I did to see how it would work to make a Machinima on Oasis. *EDIT* Dont know why its laging in the end.