Swing in C major

Swing in C major

Swing Jazz Backing Track in C Major | 140bpm


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2-5-1 Medium Swing Jazz Practice Backing Track (C Major) - Quist


INTRO SOLO TABNOTATION COMPING TAB Jam track starts 0:32 FREE to download ...

CMaj7 (swing 110 bpm) : Backing track


Pour apprendre à improviser sur ce playback, c 'est ici : Cette ...

Blues Backing Track Swing Blues in C major


Blues Backing Track Swing Blues in C major Be sure to subscribe!!!!!

2-5-1 Jazz Backing Track - Slow Swing (C)


Slow swing jazz jam track for improvising on a classic 2-5-1 progression in C major ! Play-along starts 0:34 Ideal for jazz beginners ...

C Major Jazz Backing Track - Medium Swing 1-6-2-5


QUIST TABS, SCALE MAPS & DOWNLOADS → This jam is ideal for beginners and anyone learning jazz ...

Jump Blues Backing Track - Fast shuffle swing blues in C major


This is a jump blues backing track in C major . It's at twelve bar fast shuffle, but with a few extra chords added. There is a 2-5-1 ...

2-5-1 Jazz Practice - Medium Fast Swing Backing Track (C)


Here's a head bopping medium uptempo jazz backing track for your 2-5-1 improvisation in C Major ! 180BPM. Chord progression: ...

C Major Original Swing Jazz C Major Backing Track Guitar Solo Class Band In A Box


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Jazz Blues Backing Track - Medium Up Swing (C)


Head-bopping medium uptempo swing Jazz Blues Jam Track in C for you guys! Play-along starts 0:41 Tempo = 160 BPM ...

1950's Swing Jazz Backing Track in C Major


please support me and download this track here: ⬇Chords & Scales⬇ ♫ Chord Progression: I Dm7 I G7 I ...

Smooth Jazz Backing Track in C Major | 60 bpm


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Jazz Blues Backing Track (Am) - Quist


MY GEAR → Spotify Fun and easy Jazz Blues Play-Along! Medium ...

Bossa Nova Backing Track in F Major | 140 bpm


Download track here: Website:  ...

Gypsy Jazz Backing Track in C Major


2-5-1-6 Gypsy Jazz Backing Track in C Major This extended jam track for all instrumentalists to practice and improvise. you can ...

Medium Swing Jazz Backing Track (2-5-1-6 in C)


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2-5-1 Jazz backing track in C major - medium swing


A jazz backing track in C major with a 2-5-1 chord progression (Dm7, G7, CM7). Medium swing - 120 BPM Subscribe here: ...

C major A minor 251 swing jazz back track 200 BPM works for bass!!!


This is C major jam track. Jam and Improve your imrovisation skills!!!!! I'm always glad to see and hear any feedback. Please ...