Reita Bass solo

REITA (from THE GAZETTE) BASS SOLO PARADE | #jmflashbestsolo


the bassist of the GazettE, Reita and his bass solo ! what songs is your favorite? tell us in the comment section below Support this ...

Kai and Reita Solo RCE


I do not own.

Reita and Kai solo


Epicness gazette back in the day Reita 3.

Kai & Reita "Ride With The Rockers" The Decade


Ride with the rockers from kai and reita the decade 10th anniversary The gazette Makuhari messe like&subscribe thanks........

Reita Bass solo


GazettE - Reita bass solo from pv Miseinen^^

The GazettE - Kai & Reita - Repeated Countless Error Intro (Ride with the Rockers)


Intro from the 2nd half of Gazette's Repeated Countless Error live ~ btw i don't own this vid etc~



enjoy.. songs-nakigahara(live) PS-i do not own anything.!!!

J-rock-pop Visual Kei Bass Solos


It was !HARD! finding bass solos so here are some. ^_^ All videos are © to their owner. Feel free to request, maybe I'll find it.

the GazettE dance under solo Kai & Reita (the GazettE - 15th Anniversary Concert)


the GazettE - 15th Anniversary Concert DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」(2017.03.10)

The Gazette-Solos


the gazette solo playing Aoi,Uruha Reita and Kai I don't own the music or The GazettE XD This video is only for entertainment ...

ガゼット - Ray (Reita solo cover by Jonni)


GazettE - Ray I play the live ver. I know it's not very loud but I jope it's ok~ thanks for watching x Disclaimer: I do not own this song.

TOP 10: Bass solos in J-RockVisual kei | Catness Productions


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TOSHIYA (from DIR EN GEY) BEST BASS SOLO | #jmflashbestsolo


Dir en Grey Fans? Check the bass solo of Toshiya, the original, the hard hitting bassist which song is your favorite? if there is no, ...

URUHA (from THE GAZETTE) BEST GUITAR SOLO | #jmflashbestsolo


are you still in NINTH hype? here's some Uruha's solo that we feature in this volume. what song is your favorite? or what is your ...

Solo movie Reita


Hi! this movie is a solo movie...and this time around its Rieta in The gazette.... Why do I love He then?...well first of all He is a great ...

SAGA bass solos


Just collected Saga's "High Collar Naru Rondo" bass solos Enjoy ;) Songs: All bass solos : "High Collar Naru Rondo" "DEAD ...