Why Your Aikido Will Fail on the Street -The Truth


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Beautiful and soft High Level Aikido ‐ Shirakawa Ryuji shihan


Shirakawa Ryuji shihan - aikikai 6th dan ◆Facebook : ◆Instagram: ...

Why Aikido is Disliked by BJJ and MMA Practitioners? • Martial Arts Journey


Aikido often has a mixed or even negative reputation, especially between practitioners of MMA and BJJ. It took me years to ...

Complete All-in-One Aikido Tutorial - 2017


Welcome to a complete all in one Aikido tutorial where we cover all subjects from Aikido traditions, basics, techniques to ...

Excellent Aikido Demonstration Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu - 植芝守央道主 - 合気道 - [HD]


Video: Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu and www. aikido .at Aikido Linz at the 48th All Japan Aikido Demonstration 20100522 - 第48回 ...

Aikido Technique


Yoshimitsu Yamada, 8e dan Aikikai, président de l´USAF (United States Aikido Federation), nous présente dans cette vidéo les ...

Basic Aikido techniques


Aikido techniques from Aikido Alliance Australia. Explanation as to correct form during practice, and what not to practice.

The Truth about AIKIDO - Whether you like it or NOT!


The truth about aikido offers the why and how to do aikido in the real world. Lenny Sly sensei of the #roguewarriors training ...

Excellent Aikido Demonstration Mori Shihan


This is Sensei Mori, Yoshinkan Aikido .

Aikido JAPAN - SportAccord World Combat Games2013


SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 AIKIDO -JAPAN demonstration Team from Japan is Shirakawa Ryuji - Abe toshiharu ...

Aikido - The Samurai Spirit (with Aikido Master vs Karate Master)


I thought, I'd post this little entertaining documentary, since I am a practitioner of Aikido myself and recommend it more than any ...

Aikido vs MMA - REAL SPARRING - 2017


There are already plenty of people calling Aikido - Bullshido , yet time came to really see whether traditional Aikido works ...

Why power makes Aikido unstoppable (Speed vs Power Part 1)


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WATCH : Steven Seagal shows very effective Aikido and WT moves in Russian seminary


Aikido book download : Steven Seagal shows very effective Aikido and WT moves in Russian seminary ...

jujitsu vs aikido


freddy ahi esta tu profe!!!

Aikido vs Straight punch(Possibility of Aikido)


Shirakawa Ryuji shihan - aikikai 6th dan ◆Facebook : ◆Instagram: ...

Beautiful Girls in AIKIDO ! AIKIDO Tribute


Beautiful Girls in AIKIDO ! AIKIDO Tribute I want to thank all of you that are following me. I really appreciate the love and support.