3 inch ТТ Shell

3" Inch TT (Tiger Tail) to Red Aerial Ball Shell Firework [FULL HD]


Lift was approximately 15% of the shells weight, shell weighed 142.0 Grams, lift was 19.8 Grams of Granulated Black Powder ...

3 inch TT shell (Firework)3"салют ТТ. Bomba 3" Cola de tigre


3 inch spherical shell with effect tiger tail. Fuego artificial de 3 pulgadas con efecto cola de tigre. Bomba 3 pulgadas.

TT+Glitter Core, 3 inch Shell


How to make Black Powder: This shell worked great, it caught a huge amount of height ...

awesome 3 inch TT and blue shell


very nice shell i made.

3 inch shell TT + 10%Ti


Звезды катанные диаметр 7-8 мм Укрепление - 6 слоев малярного скотча Разрывной чп на газонке + 2гр. кит.флеша...

3 Inch TT shell (1)


Very nice for my first actaul homemade 3 inch , and the lift was awsome, it doesnt look like it went high on camera but it was up ...

TT 3 inch shell


Shell TT 3 "

3 inch superboost TT shell


Me and my friend Dynamitfabriken collaborate and did an 3 " aerial shell !! We had 6g lift and 5g whistles boost. It became a bit too ...

3" Inch TT to Red Ball Shell Number 2 Camera Test (Please Read Description) [FULL HD]


The camera did not pickup the colors at all, honestly, the stars looked like they did on the last TT to Red shell  ...

3 inch TT shell


3 " TT shell sorry for the quality but the rising tail is a titanium tail and we had 8 g lift.

Failed 3 inch tt shell


i guess it didnt ignite the spolette.

3 inch TT TI shell


Recorded on August 15, 2011 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Nice D1TT 3 inch aerial shell Homemade


Title says it...Taped with Flip Mino. Shout out to MATT.

3 Inch Cilinder shell TTSilver To White stars


3 Inch Cilinder shell TT Silver To White stars The TT had a few % of Al,

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