Uta- Kata

Uta Kata Opening - Omoi wo Kanadete [Savage Genius]


Das Opening von Uta ~ Kata ohne Credits ^__^ Interpret: Savage Genius Titel: Omoi wo Kanadete Anime: Uta ~ Kata .

Uta Kata transformations


A Transformation Movie. A lil simple, but I hope you like it.

Why Madoka Was a Success (Madoka vs. Uta Kata)


Today we take a look at two darker themed mahou shoujo series, and see why one was successful while the other failed. Add me ...

Uta Kata - Yaoi - Dark paths of love ♥ AMV


AMV requested by RikuLuver999 ^^ hope you like it ^_^ and once more thank you for giving me encouragement ^_^ Forbidden ...

Uta Kata- Sacrifice


had some problems with the timing on this one so i might redo this one later but for now enjoy :) Anime: Uta Kata Song: Sacrifice ...

uta kata- THE END ;T^T


uta kata - THE END ;; anime.................

Uta Kata Ichika and Manatsu kiss scene episode 12 )


Re~upload from my last acc~enjoy,like,comment ;P :D.

Uta kata all transformations


music: low pressure zone - .

Uta Kata - Yaoi AMV - Crimson Love ♥


Sorry I had to change song due to copyright claim :( This new song title is "Friends or Lovers" by Marisa (from her album "Long ...

Uta Kata Dark Ichika Tribute ~ Monster


Re~upload from my last acc~enjoy,like,comment ;P :D.

Uta Kata Gallary


All the Uta Kata Transformations.

Uta Kata - all around me


Hello. ARGH I'm so tired of making this -__- so I just finished it quickly. But I promise, next time I'll try do better. But yeah, enjoy.

yaoi: Uta Kata-yours to hold


for animequeen150 :D She likes this couple :P YAOI!!!!! so.... PLEASE NO FLAMES!

Uta Kata OST - Natsu no Tobira (Transformation Music)


Anime: Uta Kata The other OST's Song coming soon..

Kobato OST 1 [Haru no Uta Kata] 09. Ashita Kuru Hi full version


Kobato OST 1 Haru no Uta kata Download: .

Uta~Kata ~ Itsuka Tokeru Namida


I do not own the music nor the picture. (Well I kinda edit the picture) Anime : Uta ~ Kata Song : Itsuka Tokeru Namida Sang by ...

Uta Kata AMV stand in the rain


my first uta kata amv i love this song its so pretty ( i made this a while ago not 2 long ago though^^) song: stand in the rain anime- ...

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