Китай 2010

Землетрясение (2010, Китай, Драма, Исторический)


Землетрясение в городе Таншане (провинция Хэбэй) 1976 года длилось меньше чем полминуты, но унесло несколько...

Конфуций (2010, Китай)


Китай еще не был единым в «Период Весен и Осеней». Страна представляла собой лоскутное одеяло из феодальных...

BEIJING CHINA May 2010 - Modern beautiful city of ASIA


Beijing in China by car, a beautiful city of China with more than 20 millions inhabitants, very clean and great organization, ...

Comidas Exóticas (Bizarre Foods) en China 2010


Parte de un capítulo del programa "Bizarre Food", que en México lo transmitieron como "Comida Exótica" y transmitido por canal ...

Призрак чрева [2010] - Китай ,Ужасы фильм на русском языке


Призрак чрева [ 2010 ] - Китай ,Ужасы фильм на русском языке В больнице девушку везут в операционную, у неё уже...

Shaolin kung fu - Fawang Si Temple China 2010


Viaje a China 2010 , templo budista Fawang Si. www.shaolinspain.com.

Esther's Gotcha Day, Nanchang, China 07-18-2010


After one year waiting for this moment... finally Esther is our daughter. That day she was so scared but now she is the most happy ...

China Adoption 2010


A quick montage of my parents' visit to adopt Gabriella Grace QinYun Nelson, my newest sister.

Reagan's Gotcha Day Nanchang China 2010


This Independence Day 2010 , we got to meet Reagan our newest daughter.

2010 Women's Volleyball World Championship - RUSSIA 3x0 CHINA -Set1


2010 Women's Volleyball World Championship.

【China 2010】Chinese Theatre Hair & Makeup


Hi Friends! Another video from my trip to China~ This time, we were able to see these actors prepare for the show, doing their hair ...

The Karate Kid 2010 Movie Clip: Journey To China


This is a great film, if you want clips from any other movie just ask!! =]

PRO TOUR Harmony China Open 2010, Suzhou


Men's Single 12 finals - WANG Liqin CHN vs ZHANG Jike.

Adopting Gigi (China 2010)


Video of my parents adopting my baby sister, Gigi. They went in january 2010 .



August 28, 2010 Ankara .

China Open 2010: Zhang Jike-Ma Lin


Table Tennis: 2010 China Open - Suzhou, CHN, Aug 18 - Aug 22 , 2010 . Men's Singles - Final: Zhang Jike (CHN) vs. Ma Lin ...