OPERA день

Opera Day at Renaissance Izmir Hotel


Renaissance Izmir Hotel celebrated the World Opera Day with a flash mob performance at Skyfire Restaurant & Bar.

World Ballet Day 2018 - Paris Opera Ballet (full)


Live from the palais garnier the stars leonor baulac, Mathieu Ganio and Mathias Heymann Le Ballet de l' Opéra de Paris est en ...

День Оперы 2016 Opera Day 2016 - ENG


16 февраля – проведите день с Оперой Большого театра! Не пропустите эксклюзивную возможность заглянуть...

Большая опера 2016. Отборочный тур. День 2


Единственный профессиональный телевизионный конкурс оперных вокалистов "Большая опера". Прямая трансляци...



Opera end of day reports.

Тамара Синявская, Маквала Касрашвили. Фрагмент программы "День Оперы" 2016Opera Day 2016


В гостях у пресс-секретаря Большого Театра Тамара Синявская и Маквала Касрашвили.

S01E11 - A Day at the Races and a Night at the Opera


After Marty bombs out during his elementary school field day , Jay buys his son a guitar and encourages him to take lessons.

Опера System 2017 Заработок в интернете без вложений от 33500 рублей в день


Опера System 2018 Заработок в интернете без вложений от 33500 рублей в день Перейти на ...

Flash Mob no Mercado do Livramento


Flash Mob no Mercado do Livramento em Setúbal - Portugal, no dia 18 de junho de 2016.

Argo Opera Flash Mob


A normal saturday afternoon at Argo On The Parade in Adelaide, South Australia where the staff simply had the urge to break out ...

Flash Mob en TEDxRiodelaPlata 2013 - El Brindis de la Traviata de Verdi


Para más videos de TEDxRíodelaPlata: Flash Mob realizado en TEDxRíodelaPlata el 27 de ...

What Happens Just Before Show Time At the Met Opera | The New York Times


We walked through the Met with a steadicam on the busiest week of the year. Featuring: Misty Copeland, Toscanini's head, wigs, ...

Opera Singer By Day, Janitor By Night


Keanon Kyles is a touring opera singer who has performed at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Chicago Theater and other ...

A Day in the Life of an Opera Singer


The latest video from Painted Sky Opera is here! A Day in the Life of a Painted Sky Opera singer brought to you by two of our ...

A Day at the Operas | The New York Times


We go backstage at New York's Metropolitan Opera , as singers, musicians, wig makers, scenic artists and others race to be ready ...