Gregorian - Live in Barcelona - TV-репортаж

Gregorian - Bridge over Troubled Water (Live in TV)


Original: Simon & Garfunkel Gregorian - Bridge over Troubled Water - From the German TV ZDF "Melodien für Millionen" - 2003.

[BEHIND THE SCENES] Official photo 201819


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Gregorian - Imagine (Live at TV Channel RBB)


Original: John Lennon This Song is taken from: Masters Of Chant Chapter IV (c) EDEL Records for more infos go to: ...

Gregorian Christmas Chants - Live in Berlin


Planned as private, but as earMusic turned on moneteration I guess I can open it for the general public. Have fun. @earmusic: ...

GREGORIAN 'Epic Chants Tour' Live 2013


Comparte y dale me gusta.

Healing Gregorian Chants @ 432 Hz || 3 Hours of Healing Music || Sacred Music || Seeds of Life


Healing Gregorian Chants @ 432 Hz || This 3 hour of Relaxing Sacred Music featured chanting by Gregorian choir - Schola ...

Complete Gregorian Chant Rosary


Here is the Rosary in the form of Gregorian Chant. I wanted a full version so I made one. Here are the LatinEnglish translations of ...