Project Natal (X-Box 360)

E3 2009: Project Natal Xbox 360 Announcement


Get Kinect for Xbox 360 : Get Kinect for Xbox One: We bring you a look at Project  ...

E3 2009: Project Natal Milo demo


Get Kinect for Xbox 360 : Get Kinect for Xbox One: Peter Molyneaux gives us a look ...

IGN Originals: The Real Project Milo Demo for Xbox 360


Heard of Microsoft's new Project Natal camera for Xbox 360 ? This is real imagining of the Milo demo Microsoft wouldn't want you ...

Kinect : The dark age of Xbox


Back in 2009 when Xbox was at its best, Project Natal came out of nowhere, "the controller was a barrier". Kinect turned into a ...

Project Natal Xbox 360 Parody - Milo wants to KILL YOU!


Visit the Full Article and Video Analysis of the Trailer: Microsoft gives its Xbox Artificial ...

Where is Project Milo?


We may have Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian, but who cares when mankind's greatest achievement is still nowhere to be ...

Xbox 360 Kinect


Gaming experience like never before. The kinect sensor comes with revolutionary full-body tracking to put you in the center of the ...

Xbox 360: Kinect - E3 2010: All Up Montage | HD


Finally, the Brits will have their chance to play with Skittles. PRE-ORDER NOW! on Amazon: ...

Xbox 360 Kinect Vs. PlayStation Move


Xbox 360 Kinect Vs. PlayStation Move Subscribe The HD consoles have joined the world of motion-based ...

Kinect Adventures - E3 2010: Debut Gameplay Trailer | HD


Shake your body to dodge obstacles, steer a raft, and more. Kinect ™ Adventures will get you off the couch and into the game in a ...

Kinect (Project Natal) : Milo - Virtual Human XBox 360 [HD]


Kinect ( Project Natal ) : Milo Interacting with a digital child that can talk to you , No Strings (or Controllers) Attached. Introducing ...

Kinect for Xbox 360 - Kinect Family official video game system preview trailer HD


Kinect for Xbox 360 is the official name of Microsoft's new controller-free game device, formerly called Project Natal . The slim ...

Project Natal for XBOX 360


Xbox introduces controller-free gaming and entertainment. Get off the couch and get in the game - no controller required!

E3 2009 - Microsoft introduces Project Natal for Xbox 360


Here is the announcement of Project Natal by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 .

Project Natal For xBox 360 - The Natal Project


Project Natal For xBox 360 - The Natal Project Modern Warfare 2 Expansion and Project Natal - Confirmed 2010 The blockbuster ...

Microsoft's Project Natal for Xbox 360


The future of user-interaction for the Xbox - and beyond.

Project Natal Xbox 360 E3 2009 announcement (Part 1 of 3)


Live footage from Microsoft's Media Briefing at E3 2009.

MILO - PROJECT NATAL (Kinect) on Xbox 360 - Full Video


Full E3 2009 presentation of Microsoft's Project Natal . Peter Molyneaux of Lionhead Studios presents Milo , a virtual talking boy ...

Xbox 360 E3 2009 Project Natal - Demonstracja


Prezentacja Projektu Natal .

Xbox 360 controller free Project Natal HD video game trailer


- Unveiled for the first time to the public was Project Natal , pronounced nuh-tall and a code name for a ...