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NEKROMANTIK - theme 1987 -


Nekromantik è un film del 1987 prodotto in modo semiamatoriale da Jörg Buttgereit . Girato dopo due lavori minori di età giovanile, ...

VHS Revolution - Jörg Buttgereit


interview of Jörg Buttgereit - director of Nekromantik VHS Revolution a documentary directed by Dimitri Kourtchine produced by ...

Sodomizer - Nekromantik


New Sodomizer song Nekromantik from fourth album Confessioni Di Un Cannibale. Tribute song for cult German movie from ...

One Way Static - Nekromantik (Original Expanded 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack)


One Way Static Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to Jörg Buttgereit's 1987 " Nekromantik " composed ...

Jorg Buttgereit Interview at Housecore 2013 pt. 1


We sat down to talk with Nekromantik director Jorg Buttgereit about what influenced him to become a filmmaker.

Nekromantik - Red Triangle Reviews


This Week on the Red triangle...well...one of the most artistic, beautiful and disgusting films I've ever had the pleasure to ...

What The Hell Did I Just Watch??? - 72 - Nekromantik


A brief overview of more conceptual horror that really delivers on the boredom.

Jörg Buttgereit [Interview @ Housecore Horror Fest] || All Purpose Show (Scion AV)


Horror director Jörg Buttgereit stops by the Scion AV All Purpose Show as part of the Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin, TX.

Nekromantik (Soundtrack)


Direct. Jörg Buttgereit 1987.

Jorg Buttgereit Interview @ PRE Final Fest in Roma


Jorg Buttgereit Interview @ PRE Final Fest in Roma (2009). Buttgereit talks about Nekromantik and presents a new sonorization of ...

In Case You Were Considering...Nekromantik (1987) | Movie Review & Analysis


Review and analysis of the 1987 West German horror exploitation film co-written and directed by Jörg Buttgereit , Nekromantik .

Nekromantik Comic Review


I talk a bit about the Nekromantik comic by Jorg Buttgereit and Martin Trafford, illustrated by Martin Trafford.

Nekromantik 2 (English Subtitles)


Directed by Jörg Buttgereit (1991) Nekromantik can be found here: .

Jörg Buttgereit im Interview - Intro trifft


Jörg Buttgereit ist nicht nur Regisseur von Kult-Horrorfilmen wie »Schramm« und » Nekromantik «, momentan ist er zudem Mentor ...

RECENSIONE: Nekromantik (Cinema degli Eccessi #7)


Per il nuovo appuntamento della rubrica "Cinema degli Eccessi" Andrea ha scelto di recensire per voi i due Nekromantik (Jorg ...

Sex Murder Art: The Films of Jörg Buttgereit - Blu Ray Unboxing and Review


Unboxing and reviewing Jörg Buttgereit's Sex Murder Art, the 4 four movies by the controversial filmmaker. These films are the ...



NEKRomantik . -Año: 1987. -País: ALEMANIA. -Dirigida por: Jörg Buttgereit . -Guión de: Jörg Buttgereit , Franz Rodenkirchen.

Nekromantik (Full Movie English subtitles)


Directed by Jörg Buttgereit (1987) Nekromantik 2 can be found here: .