Counter Corner-Stab

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Dick move. i had this idea for a long time now, since i watched tobias funke's "meh frags" where he does something similer, and i finally managed to pull it off. The other spy is actually my friend -TheCreatureFan- Sorry for the dick move dude:\ can't belive i actually got to use this theme: Song used: DBZ ginyu's transformation

Also, I'll be back on the server this weekend, and if your ping really is better, I'll do my best to ruin your day c:
haha, no problem. Yes I am, and I swear to god on my screen you basically turned back and stabbed me while I was backpedalling. SHAMELESS ADVERTISING WORKS, BABY
lagger facestabber! - aPotato, from that server where you had 130 ping
Plastic Solution
rounding the corners!
im TheCreatureFAN2 (yes im the familiar spy) and me and culruldud actualy had an idea to make this so yeah, props-n-creds go to CulRulDud for countering my cornerstab. Subscribe to @CulRulDud he's an awesome spy (he's a PRO) so just add him, he's account (steam account) is CulRulDud (In-Game Name)