RHCP - John Frusciante - My Lovely Man Guitar Solos

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My Lovely Man Guitar Solo 1999-2001,2004

Mateusz Wiera
the last solo is the best \m/ ^^
lol when anthony falls over
btw the bassline over which solo is played is so damn good :D
Thanks i really enjoy watching your compilation videos,sure makes it easier compared to back in the days of bootleg trading through the post. I used to fast forward and rewind to all the guitar solos on my bootlegs VCR didn't like that too much lol I watch the Californication one a lot Fuji rock cali solo is my fav. Thanks again
Joe Baines
Youtube should change its video length capacity to 100 hours, that way we could post a video that sums up all fruiscantes amazing solos in one video
I just love how somebody takes their time to make such a great video! Make more solo videos of other cool RHCP songs!
ioan vassiliou
0 dislike just like god intented it to be
i would give my favourate testicle for them to play this at knebworth.
@Wick3DSteely He often is :)
2:14 , a touch of Before the Beginning
@Wick3DSteely yes he is completely nude, woodstock '99
Roy's Hot Chili Peppers
0:55 - is Flea naked?
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Travis McCormick
One of my favorites from Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Thijs Huijbens
after watching this I realize the bass is awesome
@0funmaster0 hes going in for the reverb kill.
Thijs Huijbens
1:20 You see, even the greatest sometimes forget where the audience is.
@SlipperyTounge That had me laughing for ages XD
why dont you uploaded the solos from 1992 tour,woodstock 1994???
thanks for leveling the sound
Luis Orihuela Orozco
John Frusciante ..!!!!!!!! The Best.!
Luuk van Nieuwkoop
guys, his solo's are amazing, but just listen to the basslines and drumbeats they're also amazing
3:25 BEST!!
Tomasz Lachendro
yeahhh! :D:D:D