Toro y Moi - Thanks Vision

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From 'Causers of this"

Nargiz Teymurlu
thanks bryant’s igtv for bringing me back here 🙏🏻❤️
I used to be so obsessed with this song in 2014
This is so different. Sounds like driving at sunset while not looking at the road, captivated by the girl in the passenger seat, ends with speeding off a cliff but too in love to notice.
Tony Jackson
I cannot believe this is almost 10 years old
I imagine this song being played at a beach concert, right before the sun sets
Vladi x
Bryant's video brought me here
Harrison Paige
2:20 is just.. special. 
I never wanted to be, learning comprehension, leaving everyone, wondering where they went. Doesn’t matter does it? That resonates so true with me.
Playtagain Sam
Absolutely 80´s synthetic brass
Faiyaz Amin
Thanks ears
Harrison Paige
I wish Chaz had more singles like this and Low Shoulder. They give off such strong vibes.. My favorites from "Causers of This" by far
ahh the good ole' chillwave days.
This song is everything!
Jackie Tabascio
Bryant sent me
Eric Mazariegos
holy shit i commented on this video 5 years ago... and it is still one of my favorite songs ever
turn those fans away from me! -chaz
Toro Y Moi is thee definition of bliss <3
Gracie & Layla
Here bc Emma Chamberlain and dolian twins
Alex Gray - The Visionary Origin of Language Sweet art!! Also check out Cameron Gray, hes a similar artist
Right there with you. There is nothing better then good music and good kush can turn any bad day around
That intro!
your picture is fucking sick
If you're truly out of it and listen to that part it takes you to another place. honestly I can't describe it. Your mind just reaches euphoria.
Eduardo Relly
very good indeed!
saw him perform this live and the drop at 0:10 was too sick
Claudia Haze
this is pure bliss, I love all of his songs. so chill
JAMMIN RIGHT NOW 11:11pm..MAKE A WISH..cant wait to see him next month..feelin the vibes
tyrone clark
ths my nigga rite her on errythang
naww man Im with you!!
Ben Dover
Stop treating weed like its is some hardcore drug when its really not just to promote your own agenda. Things should be judged on facts not opinions.
Inspired by Dilla ?
He wasn't advocating smoking but just saying that he smoked and the part of the song he really liked and it was a good combination. Whatever your preference is, sober or not is fine by me.
Yeah man it is unfortunate for the kids but hey we need to educate the children. And I also agree with public spaces but the internet makes sense. Not everyone posts cannabis related comments to be cool or look clever. I can tell about the guy who said weed and this song was doing it to share and express what he was feeling.
I only speak for cannabis but why does it have to be smoke all the time or never smoke. There are people who can handle their shit and smoke at night on the weekends. They work their jobs and go to school and come home to chill. I don't see any crime in smoking a joint and listening to some toro y moi. The guy is an awesome artist! The crime comes from greed and money. That's a whole other topic though lol. I apologize for the comment as well.
I agree to an extent. All the guy said was that listening to this song while smoking cannabis, was enjoyable. It's enjoyable sober, sick, high, whatever. It's a good song. We don't really NEED a lot of things and I am quite sure the guy doesn't need to smoke to have fun or like this song. It is a personal choice and his decision. Just as people who like to smoke a cig and drink a little and do whatever they like.
Moby Wils
@0runcmd0 ;)
I know I shouldn't get worked up but he totally was trolling on kids. Badly. Talking crap to one guy for weed, another for spelling, it's just sad. And Senseless, so I figured I would just put the foot down. Ha, my bad if I pissed you or anyone else off. Not my intentions.
Moby Wils
He wasn't trolling... He just made a stupid comment. You're getting worked up over nothing..
I hope it stays the way. It seems like he's moving up really fast. I would hate to see his music become less his music and some crap music producers push him to make. Because he really is a talented and innovative musician. The whole band. Good stuff.
ew dude, stop getting so butthurt when people mention weed. It's JUST weed, calm the fuck down.
0:00 - 1:12 sex tune
Josh Johnson
how could someone just make this like its no big deal that's not ok
regan garizurieta
thats the best part girl
Fav. Song from him.
Joe Shecky
no need to get heated brother haha i just don't understand what i spelled wrong
Joe Shecky
how would you spell it? haha I'm starting to feel bad for you :/
Noé Landaverde
So I read the comments and realise I'm not the only one who gets lifted with these songs... this music really puts me in trance. I imagine all kind of stuff in my mind, colours, motion, lights, people, places, moments, objects... all of them at the same time but in a different context. This genre is so.... wow, I just don't know how to explain it: you can turn the sounds into euclidean geometry inside your mind, but then everything gets curvy and abstract... Sorry, I guess I got to 2:21...
Joe Shecky
bet you'd get a lot of thumbs haha if thats what you think is "cool".. just do you pal and go ahead and give him a thumbs down if you feel so strongly about it
who said that i'm cooler than everyone else? oh god, i give up, you won, i don't have time for this
fuck you yo
Joe Shecky
no i think he just posted something his fellow weed smokers can relate with. and look how many thumbs up he got haha don't take things so seriously pal
who said that i'm a drug addict? who said that i didn't enjoy that part without weed? keep your smartass youtube comments to yourself
Happy Birthday Chaz
Weed + Vodka + 2:21 = Watching god create Earth...
Never understanding...
Adriano Falcão Carvalho
if you look good, the album cover, you will notice that there is four geometric figures, which supposedly offer insight into the 4th dimension, in which, I believe, that among these four figures is formed a kind of profile, not so orderly way amorphous that would be our soul or aura ... these guys must have knowledge of the 4th dimension, and MGMT. Amit Goswami and Rick Strassman, proposes the existence of this plan using science, as postulated; seek to know about this is very interesting
Gucci jacket in a house fire on fire at a house party Don't rob me i'm too costly to be stolen in a robery Too bad it's too bloody he killed her Arguably Don't stop playing murder or get murderd trapped in monopolly
Adriano Falcão Carvalho
why, the more beauty and purity can exist in something, there are those who want to overcome a negative way, which is made to feel the light that is in our feelings? PEACE, CONSCIENCE will all FRATERNITY and goodwill! 2012, changes already occurring and will occur in many fields of science and faith, pray, or if it is atheistic, meditate ... 4th dimension of information already being passed will all just have to look in a rational and simplified things around us ...
Adriano Falcão Carvalho
for those guys who open a negative or low energy ... May God have pity and mercy of those who can see something as impure in a song so beautiful about the sound, brotherhood, love and peace to all!
So freakin Good! :^! Viva Toro y Moi
this song gives me a special feeling like the little violin sounds and the dudes voice oh god
Joe Anthony
LMFAO X 696969
Giuliana Hulten
DUDE. I literally just checked the time that part started to make a comment about it....but it seems like you did it for me :) I drew a picture last year depicting what was going on in my mind at 2:20 on...listening to this song and looking at the picture gives me the chills (good ones though!). Weed and good music like this can create the best, most unexplainable feelings... (although I can say the end of this song got me pretty fucking freaked out..)
This song makes me :)
Thank replay button.
jostin caunt
thanks hearing
Nathan Ocean
Having the ability to hear + 0:00-3:45 = fucking genius.
search the sound of spaceghostpurrp's sleep, it's more purrped & chopped than sampled
dope,so fucking hot..
Caleb L.
Songs like these make me wish I could be high...forever.
Sergio Vicuña Avilés
Charlie Scott
Hey everyone I made a 45 second music video for this song, the video is named 'VISION' on my channel, so if you have 45 seconds to spare please, please do give it a watch! :) <3
great beat great singer im lost into this melidoic trans please take me to outer space
Jordan Leopold
This is where Kanye got the inspiration for his production for Beyonce's "Party" song feat Andree 300. =]
toro y moi ... :)
You can... I was about to click dislike, there was a 30 seconds Justin Bieber ad that I couldn't skip... it was mental.
Nathan Ocean
A great musician is like a fine wine, only gets better with time.
Nathan Ocean
Why would Toro y Moi speak so negatively about cannabis?!
zari whited
i love him
@lastweekwasbetter I don't think so Tim. Sounds to me more or less a nostalgic tale of growing up and self-actualization, but if you are projecting your own anti-drug feelings into it, then okay.
Joe Antonaglia
now i can start my day
Is there any sample ?
tg for t y m!!
Arnaud A
@TheXsK I actually did one for myself. 10 minutes long. Hahahaha. "Most intoxicating thing ever" indeed.
lando indaa
Freddy Phillips
@lastweekwasbetter Lmafo!!!
Paradox xodarap
daaam superchill
yusuf shabazz
2:21 till the end- possibly the most intoxicating thing I have ever heard in my life, I wish I could just loop that forever.
@lastweekwasbetter hahahahah
instant loser
I wish that I could listen from 2:21 onwards on repeat.
loove it
ಥ⌣ಥ ಠ⌣ಠ
@StarLabeI same here, i was listening to tYm 24/7 last year and every time i hear these songs i et that weird feeling
this song reminds of last spring/summer. Damn where do the times go?
Weed + 2:21 = fucking jesus
gawd that vision when you get at 3:34 - 3:45 fukin amazing when you have smoked
@wattsup2007 Yeah, man. This song fucks with me hard when I'm smoking.