07. Obie Trice - Battle Cry (feat. Adrian Rezza) [Bottoms Up 2012] (Lyrics in description)

[Intro: Adrian Rezza] Yeah, yeah yeah yeah Battle cry I've been shot by my critics Talked about by the cynics Feel like my life's on display Like the museum exhibits Puts my life on the line Invested years in these rhymes The street's thirst and they need it Now hear my battle cry [Verse 1: Obie Trice] O-Trice, back, at it They don't wanna see him platinum They just wanna see him brraaatted They just wanna see him tec something Kwame Kilpatrick Get next to him So they can be the first to rat it Savage, put him in a cascet Categorize him, say Cheers was a classic That's it, as if He ain't bring the city to the masses Minus Mathers, by my name is a asterisk Like the craft ain't shown them where the cash at Like my past, so I half step Like I ain't work the bag on the ave I swear they ass backwards Let them put a nigga in the trash O has fought, as you should Never mind a player hater, as long as you good Never change, gutter So you can downplay my name, O still the same Come on [Hook: Adrian Rezza x2] Keep going, keep going on Keep going, keep going on This my battle cry, battle cry I've been waiting with patience In the dark like a vagrant Determining this circus The fans want entertainment My wings have been clipped, but now I'm ready to fly In the heavens with angels While devils wished I died [Verse 2: Obie Trice] O-Trice, back, at it I ain't never came whack All I ever gave's crack All I ever gave's back Ain't a human being on this earth say opposite that You can misconstrue what he do Cuz he cruise in an automobile or two I know how to trap I know how to double-up Been doubled-back No matter the circus stands, see I emerge from that Used to serve the bundles, now the verse intact Used to worship onions, now I service rap There's certain cats uncertain with that Rather see him serve his dirt nap Like I deserve them curses Like I don't speak in cursive Like I ain't got a purpose Beast of the streets Dope stay on O-Trice's person [Hook: Adrian Rezza x3] [Outro: Obie Trice] BME, Obie Trice, 2011, Bottoms Up You know Some days you the dog, some days you the hydrant Gotta keep moving

jeremy benco
best song off the album
VT Gaming
Adrian rezza is my teacher
2 obie haters gave "dislike" probly the same dudes that shot him...
Nemesis Doni
this album is awesome for workout
Did you just refer to Obie Trice as a... sperm?!
Real no gimmicks...
Jordan Ace
hell yeh obies 1 of the best in the game...real rap category
Right now Obie is like a sperm who see's the opening and keeps trying to hit it and keeps missing. No missing because he is weak, keeps missing because you are weak..The more people who support him, support a REAL rapper..Keep supporting.
Tristan Cooksie
Here my battle cry ! ... real talk !
one love <3
damn, thats fucking sick bro.. congrats.. Obie is great! fan for 10 yrs.. PZ
Damn, if eminem were on this song, all the gods would bow down
Obie kills this, but this song is way better with Eminem...this whiney nasally voice drives me craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!
Jordan Ace
finally sum raw rap...o trice jus blew sum air into the rap game..wtf are rap fans n e wayz?
aidan prime
this beat is mad. and obie still has it. amazing
Amazing track, ive gotta say, Obie Trice really does have the best rap albums, cheers, 2nd rounds on me and this are an amazing trilogy
My fav song off the album
2 wizzy
sorry peepz im really considering to pull out judgement day move sick and tired of this planeth
Rod Woolcock
can anybody put up p8tience ft Obie trice called patience.?it's no where to be seen just lyrics no music..please guys...
Richard Löwenherz
so underrated! he is 1000 times better then fake ass drake or rick ross!!