Cosgrove Halls Cinderella (1979) (Color Corrected)

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Color Restored Version Cosgrove Hall bring this classic fairytale to life in glorious stop motion. It was their first such feature, and bravely, Mark Hall and his team chose to let the tale unfold without dialogue. What we have then, is a forty minute feast for fans of this beguiling art form. Every twist and turn of the tale is told through movement, action and reaction... and music, because Woolly Wolstenholme and Davy Rohl provide the film's electronic score. which parps, trumpets and pines along with the highs and lows of the story.

So I'm here to correct that
Dragica Klomp
I remember this animation film when I was a child in the eighties. But I hear no music...
The youtube app told me there were three comments on this video and that is a lie