Raw Deal (1986) - Going to war

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Kaminski prepares his weapons for the final shooting.

It's always important to check yourself in the mirror before you go to war. You don't want to look bad.
Something you'll never see guys doing in movies in 2018.
I remember seeing the vhs cover at the video club and thinking "man, that Raw Deal must kick ass!"
Jim Smith
Even the zipper sounds badass.
Why does it seem so badass whenever arnold starts arming up for war lol
Mark Navin
Arnold's Movie Title can be summed up by just watching this scene : R - Rock & Roll A - Armed W - Weapons/War D - Danger!!! E - Enforcer A - ARNOLD L - Limitless "bullets"
sigh!!...still no sign for phased plasma rifle in 40 watt range....
james williams
...Arnold has the best tough guy themes.. commando, Terminator, raw deal, conan.. and total recall !
Secret AgentMan
A list of badassary: 1. MP5 (with tactical grip/muzzle attachment) 2. Machine pistol 3. Remington pump action shotgun 4. Revolver (looks to be Smith and Wesson) 5. Leather jacket
Shexta Sheoran
most badass scene ever
Anthony Lewis
When a good guy like Arnie gets serious artillery like this, everyone knows the villains life expectancy is zero - a true bad ass!.
John Taylor
Who do you think I'm, Dirty Harry? I'm the Terminator!
This is how I prepare when I go home to Chicago. 
The moment when he opens the bag - and the following guitar sound O_O fkn yeyah
Baven Kumar
Thats how i prepare for an exam with that soundtrack
Boggle Minded
No need to die like a hobo, die like a man, well dressed man.
Sanjay Madhav
That riff that plays is exactly like the player finding something new in a game ... 'YOU HAVE UNLOCKED MP5!"
Hero Stratus
That war sax background music though. lol
Jay wayne Wayne
This was a kick as movie🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jim Smith
Pack plenty of hair gel before war noted
daniel ainsworth
thats me going for a job interview
Joseph P Brenner hey, what's the P stand for? LoL
jay wayne weezy
Getting ready for WAR💯
King Greed
classic 80's "super reverb" drums.
adi kas
the best scene in a action movie when a hero preparing for war.
Raghib Abdul-Shakoor
Arnie is a straight up gangster with a badge !
When that bass guitar comes in!! Man this is such a badass movie!! Gun control activists everywhere, their heads are exploding. Replay!
0:25 The velcros are so roided they sound like moving gun parts.
The foley on this is fantastic.
Jay wayne Wayne
Arnold ready for war🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Adrumpf Twittler
He takes a shower before going on a killing spree. Lol. Such an 80s thing to do.
George C
That was some awesome gearing, nice one Arnold. Loaded up his weapons like a professional.
that's him packing stuff for the gym lmao
Arnold you´re the best of the world,jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja.
Could ANY of the Marvel actors today pull off this level of bad-assery? I think NOT!
I need to get a barrel like that for my Mossberg shotgun.
Nothing is True Everything is Permitted
no one can unzip bags like arnie
Charlie Brown
Its funny how he has all this bad ass gun, ammo etc etc but at the end he only uses like 3 different weapons.
Agustin Maldonado
I loverawdeal
Kris Bartlett
1:36 Now that's a Bullet Belt, not a pretend one.
Well I don't live in the states. So I don't know how your system works there. As for for replying to a comment that was made for a laugh and swearing at me. I couldn't be bothered getting into a pissing contest on youtube with someone like you. I wasted enough time just replying to your comment.
Mess up his chances by not being born in the U.S.? Fucking dumb shit.
Wrong. If Arnold didn't mess around and screw his chances, this clip should have been used as his presidential video campaign.
Arnold should had received an Oscar for his performance in Raw Deal!
Borislav tgfan
5 women got pregnant just by watching this....
I haven't seen this movie since the 80's and yet I remember it well. Seeing Arnold here is like seeing the Terminator without the Endoskeleton inside. Also, if you read the T2 novels, think of him as Dieter Von Rossbach.
He reminds me of my old toy figur ACTION MAN!
this scene is a pussy magnet
Michele Guerrini
the best badass in the history of movies!!
Couldn't agree more mate, this is why I rate this as highly as Commando although some people don't seem to put Raw Deal in their top 5 or even top ten Arnie films for some reason. Arnie is the ultimate kick arse European.
I'm Hungry!!!!!!!!
This has always been his trademark, gearing up before a showdown with a lots of weapons, classic arnold style.
Nobody opens doors,zippers, snaps and buckles like Arnold.
David Powell
Yes. Darn good movie. Underrated Action classic.
you mean right after he loaded up on guns? payback for the cake thrown at him!?
Borislav tgfan
This scene alone is better than all the action movies from the last 10 years.
A dangerous governor ..
they should've included a final scene where he meets his wife again
This was the day Arnold decided he wanted to Governate California :D
arnold is my idol. hes un replaceable and the earth will suffer the greatest loss when he passes on
nsar qadr
give a boy a chance,.
This is me preparing to go to the DMV.
Eduardo bsn
4 people are Petrovita 's gangsters
Eduardo bsn
4 people are "Twilight" fans
@stevenkale99 There are action stars today?
This is just like my smoking kit :) Just without guns
MC Green
This is me goin to school
-Joseph P. Brenner.... "Whats the P, stand for?" -Pussy... (line in movie) LMFAO... this the cheesiest movie ever...
@AIMANALI hey bill, can you get these copyed for me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH *shoots guns*
Philip Bland
Typical Monday morning for me,
stu pid
This gets me hard!
@dicktp jason stathem i like him in crank lol
Guns and Ammo meets GQ
Brian Courtney
Arnold bout to go HAM!
Classic Arnold. Best action movie star ever.
This is what i call an action movie!!!! I miss the Cheese and the electronic sound track of the 80s !!!
This movie kicks ass!
Carl 1279
THis is when action movie where action movies!
Nothing like putting on a black leather jacket to make you feel like a bad ass.
What country does he want to conquer?
@r1cc4rd000 Then again, there's something super gay about thinking of penises whenever someone has a rifle.
arnie was such a badass
i love that watch!
Love the way he pauses to look at himself in the mirror at 1:59 Like he's thinking "Who's a badass? You are."
Probably the best scene in the whole film(serously, it's pretty mediocre) just Awesome!!! You DON'T screw around with Arnold!!!
@daveshow2 both of them are fuckin awesome!
@TheChestnut1648 who will be arnold?
why dont they make movies like this anymore!?!?
pure testosterone
Dave E
@bookeater Nah mate the commando scene was 85 and its better than this!!
Could this be considered the first 'tooling up' sequence in modern action films?
@Bubbbla97 Hey, in the words of Fred Dryer: 'Works for Me!'
@redplaguethe3rd Nobody really knows. This movie has more or less no plot. As far as I can tell the plot is basically "Arnold assigned to kill mobsters. Arnold kills mobsters."
Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger getting ready for a public appearance.
A Sch
0:55 - Was he using a Dan Wesson series revolver? I noticed the top of the barrel is flattened, which seems to be their trademark. Those are gorgeous revolvers although I think the price is a bit steep.
@AIMANALI I watch that show with guns all around me too! Steve Corell is awesome.
The Cyber Vigilante
this is how you go to war!
The Cyber Vigilante
*getting ready to go to war*