Dexter Early Cuts Dark Echo: Webisode 4

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Dexter tries to uncover the identity of his "Dark Echo."

Evan C
man, what an ending. i have to watch it again because it's not clear to me if Dexter is dead. did he blow up the boat & him along with it? i think so.
Rafael K
Good stuff. You should make animated series on tv after Dexter ends. Good soundtrack Showtime.
Harry isn't Dexter's biological father.
laure pypaert
But I thought at one point, he learns that harry had an affair with his mother. So, if that's the case, then, technically, they are blood related.
WOW....I wish "Dark Echo" had been in the regular episodes!
the mouth movements look like the canadians from south park
Mike Speaks
definitely a page out of double dexter. And I think this coming season will have a lot of parallels to the novels.
Aha I might be in the minority but I actually quite like the idea of Deb being in love with Dexter, I mean sure I thought it was weird at first but now I've gotten used to it I'm interested to find out how things will develop between them during the next two seasons... (doubt anything will happen straight away though considering the fact Deb's just witnessed him killing someone)
it's not incest if they're not blood related. STOP CALLING IT INCEST. FREAKS.
dear rat boy
Double Dexter much?
The mouth animation was hilariously unfitting.
@Emination420 , ha! they better stop the incest thing. that was utterly disturbing. I guess they'll finally start following the books and make it so that Deb's okay with all of it. And season 5, i guess she let em go, cos of the vigilante thing she was supporting. But this season, she sees everything. o_o
I got this feeling that Louis is going to be Dexter's dark echo in season 7.
LOL @ the newspaper
Bob Stevens
@mrsiwtv It's all good. But yeah, I'd prefer if their mouths just didn't move, just comic panel style.
lol at how they're talking hahahaha
@SecretAgentDoobieDoo oh sorry, you mean the animation when they talk. I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about the voice overs :) Yeah you're right, they're pretty crappy
@SecretAgentDoobieDoo actually it's not much different from dexter's narration in the actual show
2:14, there's a treble clef in Dexter's hair. Cool!
@Boccia55 right now dexter thinks his father died because his arteries gave into the stress of knowing he created a serial killer
Frank Boccia
i thought this took place in dexters early days. back then i thought he didnt no his father killed himself. can someone help me out
@LPVit or is he in...JAPAN?!! DON DON DON!.....meh
Bob Stevens
The Speech animation is really lame, aside from that love it.
oh cmon 3 min!!!??? make them longer this is so awesome!
@TheDorkyTwilight6 FTW stands for 'for the win', pops
1:16 he's reading from right to left... what a fail =)
amy's youtube
this is awsome
1:18 - 1:23 reading from right to left :-D
man i love dexter, hes so good id suck his dick.
James Knauff III
The second of these I have watched. Really well done. Thanks.
holy shit this is acutally good. Dexter and SHOWTIME ftw!
Was that the Icetruck Killer's voice? It sounded like him.
Its like an entire new episode of Dexter into a 3 minute video :D
@evilarto He says plastic, is that so hard to hear?
The only bad part is when they talk but still fucking awesome.
@cmk61478 wonder where you got that psych degree from: dumbass university, ignorance community college or full sail online. way to contribute shit!
DEXTER, fucking awsome
these are short and fucked up. everything happend to quick
I Am that I Am
" i guess i´ll be pulli´n an all nighter..."
@kakuichi yeah i think it looks like him too!!
Rich j
Dark Echo is Harry
@Shr00mscross sorry, I just meant that the drawing looks like his brother. stupid of me 2 actually think that!
Dexter FTW!! ; )
Stephen Rodgers
chapter 5? where is it
so, if this is official he actually met his brother beforehand. But, just to clarify - doesn't it look like his brother @ 2:17?