Simple Man Guitar Lesson - Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Check Out My New Online Guitar Academy! /> Subscribe for new songs every week! /> Check out my theory and technique channel! /> Follow GuitarLessons365 on Twitter! /> Please help support my lessons on Patreon. /> Check Out My Lynyrd Skynyrd Playlist! /> In this simple Man guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this classic from the great Lynyrd Skynyrd note-for-note. The tuning on the original recording and this lesson video is, starting from the 6th string, Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. The opening arpeggiated guitar riffs are instantly recognizable and sound beautiful once you get the picking pattern down. There are actually two guitar parts being played together that are very similar. I will explain them both in-depth in the video. There is also a cool single note riff at the end of the verse section. The chorus is the easiest part of the song and shouldn't pose a issue for anyone that can play simple barre chords. The solo, just as with all Lynyrd Skynyrd solos, has some fantastically musical playing and some technically challenging licks as well. I will break it down phrase-by-phrase. I hope you guys enjoy learning this all-time classic power ballad from the great Lynyrd Skynyrd! #simplemanguitarlesson #lynyrdskynyrd #guitarcovers

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Vortex Ninjaa
Hey Carl, could you possibly do a lesson on That Smell or Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Jason Wade
Just sitting here noodling and wondered what I could work on next.Thanks!
Finally! One of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, can't wait to learn..
Come on man... I havent finished Diary of a Madman yet! Ha, keep it up Carl. How about Jerry Reed "East Bound And Down"?
Broken Silence
Carl could you do a poll for pantera this love and 5 minutes alone???
Justin Taylor
Beautiful song and a superb lesson. Thanks Carl.
Teddy Alvis
still the Best instructor on You Tube thank you Carl for ALL the lessons man
Buried alive by A7X pls <3
Bruce Boggan
Great lesson... Thanks for sharing!!!
a a
Can you please make a lesson on Wait for Me by Kings of Leon?
Maria Beasley
That first 40 seconds was so beautiful great job Carl!
Phillip Riggins
Alright! Good job, thanks for posting this video. It helped me learn it, thanks again
Luka Jesenko
Thank you so much for the lesson. I can't wait to play it. God bless you!
Great lesson, Carl! Thanks for all the lessons! I'm really missing one of the classics; Disturbed - Stricken. Is that something we will se in the nearest future? ;-)
Himanshu Panwar
This was really cool. Can you teach more of lynyrd skynyrd stuff probably "I need you".
Big E
Thanks for saving me so much time in the old days I would have to play it over and over to figure it out.
Cale Dupre
This just happened to be the song I was working on, especially the second guitar riff. Thank you Carl!
Borgar Mulstad
Absolutely love every single tutorial, Carl, but I’m still waiting patiently for a tutorial on Marooned, along with its tone tutorial!❤️
I lost my pick right before this 🤦🏼‍♂️
Hi, Sorry for being offtopped, for this video, but may I ask you to make tutorial on "Metallica - The God That Failed"?
Jimi Erickson
It would be cool if you added little markers in the video that seperated the parts for easy access. Love your channel!
Hope Wizard
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Could you please make tutorial for “Speak of the Devil” by black pistol fire, I can’t find a tutorial anywhere
Chance Miller
More who!! Pete Townsend! Please! And hotel California total classic id love to learn it
Himanshu Panwar
Hey its a request, can you please upload a tutorial for more of lynyrd skynyrd songs like I Need You, Tuesday gone etc.
Evergreen Layne
The expression on your face after playing through that solo is exactly how I felt. Like I was coming back to earth.
Adam Felix
Thank you for this lesson I have been trying to learn it this helps soooo much
Leah Wolfe
such a great channel! Could you plz do a lesson on Please Don't Leave Me by Pretty Maids? thanks!
kim warner
I learned gitar from just seeing it and doing it I don't know my strings could u make it more clear
I vote against "Gimme Three Steps"' cause I'm feeling the relief of a Blues Wave comin' on in a few hours and I'll be free and that's alright now.
Joseph Anderson
B string 5 high e 5 isn’t there a roll here too? Great lesson to train the ear. Thanks again
R Wolf
Can u do the rest of surfing with the alien
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Carl can you please do Dystopia by megadeth
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Dang whats that chord in the beginning its beautiful
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Evergreen Layne
Thanks Carl a great solo from the great Allen Collins!
Tom Angus
What Amplifier/settingsare you using for this song please? It’s beautifully clean 🤗
could you do more A7X please?
Quick Scope
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Carl where do I request songs?
Don't feed Gangplank k?
Love the new intro!
Could you do Shadow of Your Love by Guns N' Roses
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You have been my guitar teacher all the time I search a lesson on YouTube
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Carl please tutorial of Mateus Asato
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dang bends are
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Surfing with the alien solo please!
Thank you!!! Finally!!!!
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Are you a golf guy, Carl?
Just cheat it - who cares? :D
Rob Enriquez
Did u wire those hot rails your self?
thanks for all the lessons man, I have a song that I've been trying to work on, I cannot get it completely. I need an expert transcriber especially the solo, this song reminded me of the walk down on the intro technique, I think many people would like this. I'D LOVE TO CHANGE THE WORLD (TEN YEARS AFTER). the lessons that are out there pretty weak. although the introduction is covered reasonably easy, thanks cheers keep it up, awesome
Parker Buckson
Just when i needed it, perfect
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Disposable Heros- Metallica, please!!!
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Summers end foo fighters
absolutely nothing at all
New lighting is sexy
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Rob Jarrett
Great lesson.. I always thought Allen Collins was one of the best of his era. So melodic!! Would love a lesson on their song I Know A Little. Steve Gaines killed it on this song.
Derpo 17
Nice, I've always wanted to learn this one but never quite got around to it.
Doesn't the G chord arpeggio end with the open G string instead of the open D? At least that's how I know it.
Stefon Gabriel
I thought sandercoe was the best teacher on here but you might have him beat.👏👏👏
Chuck's Stuff
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I met the man who wrote this song in GA. All these guys are great people besides the killer tunes
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